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  1. Fixed. Tapped on the pin with a punch and small mallet a few times and it came loose, although it was still very tight. Some water based lubricant fixed it up. Nice and smooth now. He's very cool. Paint is 9.5/10, articulation is 8/10, accessories are 8/10. Tons of gimmicks, very heavy, *feels* high quality. Worth the 2 month wait to get him. This is what the shoulder joint looks like just in case anyone is interested.
  2. I've been using showz for some time now, I have 100% faith in their customer support. Im hoping that it won't come to that though.
  3. Received my poison toys kampfer. Looks amazing but one of the shoulder joints is seized up. I managed to take the outer armor off (glued on) thinking that i could just unscrew the shoulder joint and clean it ect, but there is no screw. It appears to be pinned. Im thinking that too much glue was applied during assembly and it got into the joint. I had to leave for work before i could mess with it anymore. Will update with pics later.
  4. This looks awesome man! Its on my short list for sure.
  5. Wow, I cant believe I call gerwalk battroid mode. Rookie mistake lol! Thanks for pointing it out. I have freedom to review pretty much anything I want Thanks man! Thanks! Ohhh, I see they finally have some in stock. Last time I looked into it they were out of stock.
  6. I picked the up the VF-0D recently. I really like it. A fair amount more diecast that a bandai 'gokin. I wrote a full review of it here http://kumastyledesigns.com/160-scale-perfect-transformation-vf-0d-phoenix-shin-version/
  7. Review can be found here http://wp.me/p4WQhE-1G2
  8. Two new Valks for my collection. I was really surprised by how massive the 29 is, it almost completely fill that shelf. Thats awesome. Ive been wanting to pick up a Tsugumori for a while. I've been a big fan of Neheis work ever since Biomega.
  9. Very jelly of that arcadia YF-19 Here is an updated photo of my collection.
  10. Thanks man! I like the flight pose stands a lot, I actually need 2 more. They are a pain in the butt to order though. The website has been broken for at least a month, so you have to contact them directly to buy. Last time I made a purchase, it took them a week to ship the stands out.
  11. Why cant PA just send the refund as a gift to avoid to the fees?
  12. My collection looks pretty sparse at the moment. However I do have a pretty big back log of stuff that needs to be taken out of the box and put on display.
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