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Latest completed kit- VF-1J Kai Valkyrie


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Finally finished! What I was looking to do was this:

post-12411-0-33607600-1310773046_thumb.jpg post-12411-0-10550500-1338013066_thumb.jpg

Did I succeed?







Couple of firsts for me on this kit. All of the red and black were painted, not decals. Never done that much of an extensive masking/painting before. Used the Jasmine Models PE set for the first time. And, used Wave sculpting putty to modify a Studio Starforge pilot figure to get a the First figure.

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Very nice! Is this the 1/48, or the 1/72?

The 1/72. PetarB isn't doing figures in 1/48 yet. Maybe if a few more people yell in his direction... :rolleyes:

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Your masking skills are quite formidable. Decals could not have been any better.

Excellent job!

Thanks. This was a very intensive masking job. And I myself was shocked and amazed to find that the lines from the body to the wing matched up perfectly!

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Wow, very cool! Nice job on the painting. What is/are Jasmine Models PE? Decals? I really dig seeing valk models with alternate paint schemes instead of the usual canon. I need to build one of my valks!

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What is/are Jasmine Models PE? Decals?

Photo Etched parts. Here's their website. The set I used was 272003. Didn't use all the parts, but what I did makes it look a lot nicer. My favorite bits were #1-5. Those go on the exposed part behind the wing, and on the wing part to hard the visible inner parts. If they made of sheet of just 3-4 sets of that, I'd buy again in a hurry.

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Beautiful job on that. :) I have to admit, I have a personal thing for fully painted markings, I love doing any marking I can that way, just because it looks so amazing once everything's painted. Plus, I've never enjoyed having large decals shred on me. :p

I can't remember if you mentioned attempting this before, but did you tweak the angles the lower legs sit at? They look a bit higher than the standard 1/72 Hasegawa kit has them, closer to way the 1/48 kit has them, and the plane overall doesn't look like the nose is pointing down so much.

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Great work Jefuemon! and the pilot also looks amazing!

For the last 2 months I've been building this kit:


After seeing your photos I realized I screwed up in many parts :( I hope it ends up looking as good as yours!

Wow! Anybody sitting on an 1:60 unpainted kit they'd want to paint like this? I want to see this in Battroid (beside the illustration)!

Hopefully, soon!

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Nope, no tweeking was done on the legs. Guess it seemed to turn out fine on its own!

I'm glad everyone seems to like the paint job. I was looking on the net for other builds like this for tips/inspiration, and I found nothing. Thought for sure there would be a few more people willing to challenge this build.

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For those who are interested, the colors I used were:

Mr Color 311 Grey FS36622 for the base color

Mr Color 108 Character Red for the red

Mr Color Flat Black for the black

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