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  1. - VF-171EX nightmare Alto custom + armored parts(BIB) - SOLD - RVF-171EX nightmare Luca custom(BIB) - SOLD - SV-262Hs Draken III + Lilldraken & missile pod(Both MIB) - USD380 - VB-6 Konig Wings of valkyria(MIB) - SOLD - YF-29 30th anniversary Roy Focker + super parts(BIB/bad left leg ball joint issue) - USD150 The MIB items are almost like brand new, opened for inspection only. BIB are also good in condition, all parts complete no missing or broken issues etc. Shipping fee is not included. Kindly drop me a line if keen. Thanks:)
  2. It has been transformed once and back to the box now. Sticker applied carefully, very good condition. I can’t bear to let it go but funding for my renovation. SOLD PM me if interested. Thanks
  3. Jenius, I'd read through all the reviews and really appreciate your effort, good job dude!
  4. Kindly reissue the M&M set, I want it so badly!! 😔
  5. But I'm afraid that the super VF-1S Roy isn't 1/60
  6. Awesome! Never had a chance to obtain one of these goodies..
  7. Can't wait to have it right now:)
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