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  1. Just a word of warning with uncured latex: when wet, it may strip acrylic paint & Future polish. Please test first. It's probably safe for acrylics when dry. I tried doing a latex mold over sculpey (with Castin' Craft Mold Builder that has ammonia in it, I think) and it ate the Future and some of the acrylic paint. On the other hand, enamels and lacquers may eat the latex. Again, please test. Good luck!
  2. Very nice! I love the base VF-2SS design (minus the SAP). What's the nose made from? Polyester putty or epoxy putty?
  3. I didn't get the Falcon but I picked up the x-wing. It's enormous & is going to take a bit of effort to rebuild the wings in the attack position. I can't believe they molded the wings shut and hollow underneath (top & sides but "open" bottom). Polyethylene is tougher than polystyrene and a pain to glue to & paint. Then again, maybe it would make a good candidate for a model rocket conversion if I get certified for larger impulse motors. Anyone else detailing one of these or both?
  4. Wow! Cool pics & impressive store! That x-wing looks good though system-injection, multi-colored parts would've raised the price. They can always do the MG/PG/RG treatment if there's enough demand & they wanted a different price point. Thanks for posting!
  5. Thanks for the info! I haven't been to Nikaku, Kimono-My-House, nor a brick & mortar store in ages so it'll be fun to check out! Hope their prices are reasonable...
  6. Nice updates! Are there any pics of the customs and the winning entries?
  7. Thanks for posting that pic of Jeanne/Dana. That's a very nice find! I really should work on modding my hovertank...
  8. I like them, I like them, Sam-I-am! Nice job!
  9. Looks great on the chunky! Perhaps make the head laser a little longer? Is there a 2nd head behind the first?!???
  10. Wow! That was really, really impressive! Dramatic back story and great production! Their cast is impressive as well, though I felt Garth and Kharn/Hatch could've been stronger/sterner. Thanks for sharing the link!
  11. Nice! I went back and re-read the Hiller page and those are the only two of the six actual platforms that exsit! They don't know the whereabouts of the other four: "Of the six Flying Platforms that were built, the (ONR) vehicle is on exhibit at the Hiller Aviation Museum, and the National Air & Space Museum has a 1031-A-1." I haven't been to the Air & Space in decades but absolutely love it! I always get sucked in when I'm in the vicinity, and only have an hour or two afterwards to see the rest of the Smithsonian! Hope to make it there again sometime.
  12. Ha! I guess that's one way to view it! That Zeon unit looks a heck of a lot safer with the VOTOMs or zaku helmet placed over the fans. Funny - you can actually see a Hiller flying platform (mockup?) at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, CA. http://www.hiller.org/flying-platform.shtml. You can even try out a sim of the controls but I was never able to "fly" it without crashing. Looks more like a quad-copter drone. Still tons of safety issues: slowing down/breaking, objects caught in the blades, exploding blades, pilot safety in crash, etc. Neat project though! I hope they succeed.
  13. Don't know how I missed this thread the first time around. Great job on an ancient kit & nice choice of colors. The subtle shades & weathering are nice!
  14. Wow! Fantastic work! Love the paint & weathering, and your other stuff is equally impressive! Looking forward to seeing more!
  15. Well, this looks rather scary: Quotes from: http://atmelcorporation.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/hoverbikes-may-soon-become-a-reality “We combined the simplicity of a motorbike and the freedom of a helicopter to create the world’s first flying motorcycle,” says a company rep. The futuristic prototype has the potential to travel up to 92 miles or for about 45 minutes on a single tank of fuel, with a 3,048-meter maximum altitude and a top speed of around 45 MPH. “This a far cry from the full-size prototype’s theorized 173 MPH,” writes Wired’s Chris Higgins. http://www.hover-bike.com/MA/ How the heck are they going to pass safety!?!!!
  16. Madman Lighting looks interesting but frak that's expensive!!! Looks like a they could use some competition! Since you're looking for ready-made, you could always browse the dollar stores or the thrift aisles of Target/Michaels/etc. for cheap electronic toys to scavenge. You would have more options if you opt to do-it-yourself: Radio Shack has self-blinking LEDs and there are more alternatives. Good luck!
  17. Fantastic work! Love the scratch-built details and the paint job. Looking forward to your other builds!
  18. Wow! Beautiful work! Love the textures & details, and that lighting makes it look real!!! Uh, Cacuts or Cactus?
  19. Cute! For some reason, I keep picturing a properller-beanie or an Angus Young outfit w/ electric guitar... Interchangeable knee caps/joints? Ha!
  20. Wow! I'm always amazed by your craftsmanship & painting. Trying to guess what you used (balsa & styrene) but the only things I can guess are the 2x5 connector sockets before the engine bells, possibly momentary switches & plates for detail, and plastic bottle caps & cap locking rings for the engine bells? Great decals too. Nice work!
  21. Wow! Love the details & the mechanics! Great work! So, 6.5cm tall? Psst! Add LEDs!
  22. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10034870 Have fun! Edit - oh wait. Which kit do you have? The resin one?
  23. Those are some great finds! That hovertank page has more info than I've ever seen! Still gotta do something about the proportions and the head...
  24. *TRANSFORMING* Hhhhhooooooovvvvver taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnk. Mmm... nice Happy Meal flying saucer!
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