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  1. For sure man, I owe you lunch anyway. Glad to hear you arent planning to re purpose the lower hull from Prometheus on the Daedalus, they actually are quite different. REALLY looking forward to these!
  2. Looking great Alex! Can't wait to fit this and Daedalus to my Macross...
  3. Bump... Prices include shipping to US address
  4. It was a great time, thanks for putting this together guys!
  5. Thanks jennety_ and snip312 for smooth transactions and great communication during their deals!
  6. This confirms it; there are NO NEW IDEAS for films these days. It's sad that in a time when movies can be made to look so much better than we could have dreamed of 20 or 30 years ago, all studios will pay for are re-makes or re- makes of re-makes.
  7. Looks really nice man! This kit is still on my "I'll have that someday" list
  8. Some great stuff still here at give-away prices guys.
  9. Yeah yeah we'll slow down for this one Knocking around some different ideas about prepping the surface and about the lenses as well.
  10. I think this looks like a more accurate model of the SDF-1.
  11. Thanks ErikElvis and MikeRoz, for their fast hassle free Paypal payments and great coms. My bad they were buyers, but Straight shooters anyway.
  12. I'll drink to that, brother.
  13. 10 minutes too late man, sorry.
  14. Have to pay some bills, so these gotta go. PLEASE READ: I haven't traded/ sold here in quite some time, but I'm on the Straight Shooter's List. I have listed individual prices for each piece which includes REGULAR USPS Ground shipping. If you want another method of shipping, PM me and lets talk. Will sell / ship only within the U.S. and Paypal is preferred. These pieces have all been displayed by an adult collector in a smoke/pet/ little kid free home away from sunlight and flourescent lighting, and have some dust on them (I cleaned them up, but still...). NO decals have been applied, NO midifications of any kind have been done to any of them. All boxes show shelf wear, but there is no significant damage to any of them. The pieces are 100% unbroken, no loose joints, and complete except as described; (Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, my camera now lives with my ex..) NOTE; THE TWO PARTS DESCRIBED BELOW THAT WERE MISSING HAVE BEEN FOUND, THIS PIECE IS NOW COMPLETE. the GBP is missing the left hip clamp part, and 1 of the missile backs for it (2 of them are in the box inside the nosecone part). SEE PHOTO. The part is somewhere in my stuff, if found prior to shipping I'll update and place it in box, but otherwise its "as is". The micro missiles are all included and in their sockets under the doors. Decal sheet is complete, with instructions. $80 $70 $120 (these are currently going for a LOT more ($200 or thereabouts, plus shipping...) on evilbay and amazon, etc.) http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0776.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0777.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0778.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0779.jpg http://i1016.photobu.../IMAG0780-1.jpg The Super/ Strike parts are complete, with micro missiles on the sprue, decal sheet complete, with instructions. $50 Sold to ErikElvis http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0773.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0775.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0774.jpg The Vf-1A CF is missing the gun sling, ALL other parts included, decal sheet complete with instructions. $100 Sold to jennety_ http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0781.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0783.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0782.jpg The VF-1A Woodland scheme is complete, NO missing parts Sling has been attached to the gun pod, decal sheet complete with instructions. $ 120 $110 Sold to davzilla http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0784.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0786.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0785.jpg The VF-1S Fokker is complete with no missing parts. Sling was attached to gun pod but was removed for transformation into fighter mode. Decal sheet complete, with instructions. Also includes Etern'l D's custom aftermarked DYRL hands (the peg for the Right hand that holds the gunpod is broken. A bit of sprue inserted into a drilled out hole for the peg should work like magic). $ 120 $110 Sold to davzilla http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0787.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0791.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0790.jpg Th VF-1J Milia is complete, NO missing parts. Micro missiles still on sprue, sling is attached to gunpod, decal sheet complete with instructions, there is one decal (one of the small 013 white stencils for the Jolly Roger on Max's DYRL VF-1A Super Parts) that has lifted from the sheet and is still useable, but has a small amount of grime under it. $ 130 On Sold to MikeRoz The VF-1J Max is missing the decal sheet for the Super Parts ONLY. Decals for the Valkyrie ARE included. (between the other 2 Super Part sheets, there should be adequate markings to complete it without compromise). Otherwise this piece is complete with instructions, with micro missiles carefully removed from sprue and inserted into Super Parts and sling is attached to the gunpod. $130 Sold to snip312 http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0792.jpg http://i1016.photobu...22/IMAG0794.jpg If anyone takes the lot, I'll let it all go for $650 shipped. Thanks for reading guys.
  15. That was well done guys, I got some good belly laughs out of that! Keep it up!
  16. All I did is slap some paint on the 3D print man, can't take ANY credit for the 3D model. Thats ALL Dan
  17. For those long hauls at the bench! haha its full of acrylic paints...
  18. Sounds awesome. Can't wait man.
  19. Started Yamato's 1/60 Mockingbird... Cute little kit. Just wish it had landing gear, but oh well. added a little detail to the cockpit per lineart. I decided to paint the figures (1/60, courtesy of >EXO<) as part of this project, since it also has a resin pilot. Got in the mood to model again after painting and assempling this for my friend DanBickell; Thats an original 3D print in 1/24 of his DYRL VF-1 WIP, which can be seen here http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=34651&hl=&fromsearch=1 Cheers
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