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Found 20 results

  1. So I recently made a thread for Arrow on CW, but I just gotta make another. I believe we're in the golden age of TV, we're finally at the point when we are getting truly quality performances and stories on both basic and premium cable, there's literally something for everybody. So how about Hannibal? This is yet another series that's been blowing my mind for two seasons now, easily the most graphic and disturbing show on television, I find every episode to be pretty excellent. There are some really incredible performances throughout, Mads Mikkelsen is pretty much my favorite Hannibal since Anthony Hopkins horrified people in Silence of the Lambs, as a long time fan and reader of the Red Dragon novels I've got even more to love. Another fantastic episode tonight, the situation Graham has found himself in is hard to watch but you know there's more there than we're seeing, Hugh Dancy also absolutely dominating his role as the tormented Will Graham. My DVR is full, I've got something recorded almost every night, but I always find myself looking forward to Friday night Hannibal.
  2. So season 1 just finished. After suffering through Star Trek Discovery (except for the episodes with Pike) and Picard not really feeling like Star Trek ST Lower Decks was different and fun. Sure episode one felt like it was trying too hard with all the references and Mariner and Boimler being a bit Rick & Morty but they and the cast grow on you. It started feeling like a cartoon version of The Orville, which I feel is the spiritual successor to ST after Voyager. The finale though... who the hell thought these old TNG joke aliens would be back except upgraded?! Like damn. But the kicker was when a Federation ship shows up and a few seconds later you’re like wait what why is that am I hearing what I think I’m hearing?? YES!! (Trying hard to be spoiler free) Suffice it to say I enjoyed the campy romp of STLD and I’m in for season 2.
  3. From FoxNews: (more) https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/comedian-actor-curb-your-enthusiasm-star-richard-lewis-dead-76
  4. Legendary comedian Gallagher dead at 76 years old From article: The comedian Gallagher, best known for smashing watermelons with a sledgehammer, has died. He was 76. His longtime former manager confirmed with Fox News Digital that he passed away surrounded by his loved ones in California. "The legendary comedian known as Gallagher has died at the age of 76," he shared. "After a short health battle, Gallagher, born Leo Gallagher, succumbed to his ailments and passed away surrounded by his family in Palm Springs, California. He had previously suffered numerous heart attacks, something he and David Letterman talked about on an appearance a few years back. (more) https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/legendary-comedian-gallagher-dead-76-years-old
  5. https://www.google.com/search?gs_ssp=eJzj4tTP1TcwskgvzzVg9OJMyk9SKE5MTy0BAEc7Bq8&q=bob+saget&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS925US925&oq=bob+sag&aqs=chrome.1.0i131i355i433i512j46i131i433i512j69i57j0i512l2j46i512.2561j0j4&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  6. Betty White, 'Golden Girls' actor and comedian whose career spanned eight decades, dies at 99 (nbcnews.com) Betty White is dead at age 99 : NPR 😕
  7. https://deadline.com/2021/09/norm-macdonald-dead-obituary-comedian-saturday-night-live-weekend-update-anchor-was-61-1234833212/ Thanks for all the laughs and always sticking to your guns, Norm.
  8. .....What is it? No cheating. A single movie, not a series (LOTR for example). I think I have to go with Aliens.
  9. Harry Anderson, the actor, comedian and magician best known for playing Judge Harry Stone on the sitcom Night Court, died Monday at his home in Asheville, North Carolina. He was 65. (more) https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/news/harry-anderson-night-court-actor-dead-at-65-w519223
  10. One of the funniest films of all-time turns 40 this year. Monty Python and the Holy Grail will be released in a limited edition "Holy Grail" Blu-ray boxed set on October 27.
  11. Rest In Peace, Rik Mayall. An absolute comedy legend. I don't think that anybody apart from John Cleese and the Pythons has made me laugh more.......
  12. The Gods Must Be Crazy Ster-Kinekor Pictures, 1980; 20th Century Fox, 1984 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2004 Written, produced and directed by Jamie Uys (1921-1996) Running Time: 109 minutes Rated PG for violence, slight nudity and mild language. "Aye yai yai yai yai..." - Dr. Andrew Steyn Cast N!xau (1943-2003) as Xi Marius Weyers as Dr. Andrew Steyn Sandra Prinsloo as Kate Thompson Michael Thys as M'pudi Louw Verwey as Sam Boga Nic de Jager as Jack Hind Paddy O'Byrne (1929-2013) as the Narrator "The one characteristic which really makes the Bushmen different from all the other races on Earth is that they have no sense of ownership at all. Where they live, there's really nothing you CAN own: only trees and grass and animals. In fact, these Bushmen have never seen a stone or a rock in their lives. The hardest things they know are wood and bone. They live in a gentle world, where nothing is as hard as rock, steel or concrete. "Lately, strange new things sometimes appeared in the sky: noisy birds that flew without flapping their wings." Synopsis Deep in the Kalahari Desert of Africa lives a peaceful Bushman tribe that has no concept of time, ownership, or law, as they believe the gods above have supplied everything for them. One day, while Xi is walking, an airplane drops an empty Coca-Cola glass bottle, which lands on the ground in front of him, leading the tribe to believe it as a gift from the gods. They find countless uses with the bottle, but because it is the only one available in the desert, it introduces selfishness, envy, anger, hate, and violence to the tribe. Seeing the bottle as a source of evil and unhappiness, Xi takes it and travels far to dispose of it at the edge of the world. During his journey, he meets the clumsy biologist Dr. Andrew Steyn and school teacher Kate Thompson before a band of guerrillas led by Sam Boga invade the school and hold Kate and the students hostage. "Their language has an idiosyncrasy of its own. It seems to consist mainly of clicking sounds." "The funny thing about these gods was that they couldn't speak. They could only make chattering sounds like monkeys." Lowdown It's amazing what one piece of garbage does to everyone around it. At the same time, it's amazing how such a simple film does wonders in showing the meaning of life in a rather obvious way. The Gods Must Be Crazy is heralded as one of the funniest films ever produced, but it's also one of the most educational non-documentary pieces. It shows how happy Bushmen are with their lives while "civilized men" are never content with their environment or their belongings. Both civilizations go on with their lives until a Coke bottle is introduced in the picture, causing a sudden clash of cultures that spans at least three countries. Just about everything works in this story - right down to the little random things such as Sam Boga's two henchmen who do nothing but play cards. Even Dr. Steyn's unreliable Land Rover is a character on its own, as it's a source of pure slapstick gold from Dr. Steyn's struggle to open and close border gates to Xi's driving lessons. "Sometimes they hear a thundering sound when there are no clouds. They assume the gods have eaten too much and their tummies are rumbling. Sometimes they can even see the evidence of the gods' flatulence." N!xau and the rest of the cast give stellar performances, but it's narrator Paddy O'Byrne who steals the show, as he gives witty and detailed narratives of Xi and the Bushmen's point of view. Through his voice, you can understand the Bushmen's way of life and how they depict "civilized men". "That morning, Xi saw the ugliest person he'd ever come across. She was as pale as something that had crawled out of a rotting log. Her hair was quite gruesome; long and stringy and white, as if she was very old. She was very big - you'd have to dig the whole day to find enough food to feed her. "Although it was a hot day, she was covering her body with skins that looked as if they were made from cobwebs. She was doing strange and magical things, and it struck him that she must be one of the gods. He wondered what she was doing down here on Earth. But he was glad he met her, because now he'd give the evil thing back to her and go home to his family. So he said tactfully that he didn't need the thing, and that she could have it back. But she was very rude, and she walked away." Overall, The Gods Must Be Crazy is a great addition to anyone's DVD collection - even if you have to pay an ungodly price on Amazon.com or eBay. Rating: A References The Internet Movie Database
  13. More Nazi zombie fun? I'm there!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PztxqPl4GmY
  14. Title says all. I just got back from seeing it, easily the best of the franchise and it had me laughing from beginning to end. This has to be one of the funniest movies I have ever seen in my life.
  15. Hey all! So one or two of you might possibly remember almost a year ago when I said I was trying to make a Macross fan parody and asked for help ripping footage that didn't look like crap. Fortunately I (sort of) figured that out, and now that the premiere at Otakon is over and done with, I can post it on the interwebs for all to see! So without further ado, here's The Super Dimensional Fortress Macross: Did You FORGET About Love? Part 1: What is Love I don't even... .Part 2: Part 3: Anyway, enjoy. Feedback welcome if you've got it.
  16. Sledge Hammer! Alan Spencer Productions/D'Angelo Productions/ABC/New World Television, 1986-1987 Anchor Bay Entertainment, 2004; Image Entertainment, 2011 Created by Alan Spencer Running Time: 27 minutes per episode Rated TV-PG for violence, mature situations and mild language. "Trust me. I know what I'm doing." - Sledge Hammer Cast David Rasche as Sledge Hammer Anne-Marie Martin as Dori Doreau Harrison Page as Captain Trunk "HAMMERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!" - Captain Trunk Lowdown In 1986, ABC premiered Sledge Hammer! - a sitcom for people who hate sitcoms. Inspired by the 1971 Clint Eastwood film Dirty Harry and the classic 1965 spy satire Get Smart, the series chronicles the misadventures of Inspector Sledge Hammer - a loose cannon of a cop who talks to his .44 Magnum and has absolutely no regard for anyone's safety. Add female detective Dori Doreau and the ill-tempered Captain Trunk to the mix, and you have the funniest cop show ever made. "That was excessively violent and completely unnecessary. I loved it!" - Sledge Hammer Sadly, the series was cancelled after its second season as it was forced by ABC to compete head-to-head with The Cosby Show on the ratings game in 1988. Reruns played on some syndicated channels before being forgotten by many viewers for over a decade. And now, Sledge Hammer! is back - this time, in a remastered DVD set. The 22 episodes that comprise the first season are locked and loaded in four discs. Relive the antics of our trigger-happy antihero, whether he's blowing up a building to stop a sniper, posing as an Elvis impersonator to catch a serial killer, or stuffing a would-be robber with expired convenience store food. Police brutality is no laughing matter, but if it involves Hammer, you'll never stop laughing. If you like cop shows, you owe it to yourself to add this classic TV series to your DVD collection. And get the second (and final) season while you're at it. "That man makes Rambo look like Pee-Wee Herman." - Mayor Jack Flambo Rating: A+ "Go Hammer Go! Go Hammer Go!" - Cops watching Hammer attempt to defuse a time bomb on TV "Go Bomb Go! Go Bomb Go!" - Captain Trunk DVD Extras: A When you play the first disc, you are greeted with a hilarious introduction by creator Alan Spencer, who talks about the laugh track being deleted from the DVD episodes before getting hit in the head with a bottle. "Laugh tracks are offensive. They're an insult to an audience's intelligence who doesn't have to be told when to laugh at something. And the other thing that's inappropriate about laugh tracks on Sledge Hammer! is, the series was a drama. That's right - Sledge Hammer! carried a serious message about violence --" - Alan Spencer Each disc contains audio commentary with Spencer, Rasche, Martin and Page on selected episodes. Disc 4, on the other hand, is packed with these goodies: - Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh! - An exclusive documentary featuring interviews with Spencer and the original cast. - An alternate version of the pilot episode "Under the Gun," featuring 10 minutes of additional footage, an alternate epilogue and different opening and ending theme music. - Electronic Press Kit - Original 1986 interview with Spencer and Rasche. - Original TV Spots - Original Commercial Bumper - Alan Spencer's Message to Critics (audio) - Image Gallery - Including the Sledge Hammer! comic book by Marvel. - Original ABC and HBO pilot scripts (.pdf format) In addition, you get a booklet featuring liner notes and lots of useful trivia. And at $25.99 at Best Buy, this DVD set is a major steal. "A gun can't solve the world's problems, but give it a shot anyway." - Sledge Hammer Links Sledge Hammer! Online Reference The Internet Movie Database
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