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  1. Why did the the what anime are you watching thread turn into a meme thread? Also how could Natsuru impregnate himself? Anyway, up to episode 19 in Captain Earth. Not going to lie, between the sluggish pacing, mediocre protagonists, and low amounts of action I now understand why people call it boring. At least Puck is acting like a well rounded villain, I see potential in him.
  2. Let them make their own mistakes and cut the umbilical cord. Once we stop jailing people for miniscule garbage we can use those tax dollars for something worth a darn like fixing our roads, feeding the poor, fight global warming, clean our environments, hand out medication to people that need them, disaster relief, and probably some other stuff I am not thinking about off the top of my head.
  3. More like the age of consent should be dropped to 15 and everyone complaining about it should be sent into a den of hungry grizzly bears. As for cinemasins, I stopped taking the videos seriously the instant he said Lockdown was a decepticon, proving he cannot pay attention to details.
  4. An hour ago I finished the first of the two Riki-Oh OVAs and I can safely say it was really friggin' cool, reminds me a lot of Violence Jack.
  5. Just so everyone is informed, the movie made its money back over the weekend, anything it makes from this point forward is profit.
  6. I Frankenstein was awesome too, not sure what the complaints are beyond generic over reactions to nothing.
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