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  1. Edited first post to include parts 2 and 3 because embedded videos won't automatically link in a playlist apparently... Also for some reason I can't have 3 videos in one post, but I can get Part 2 to show up as a link. Couldn't figure out how to reverse it so 1 and 2 were videos and 3 was a link but... Anyway, thanks for the comments! Glad you liked that line frothymug, I'd had some others say they weren't as fond of it.
  2. Hey all! So one or two of you might possibly remember almost a year ago when I said I was trying to make a Macross fan parody and asked for help ripping footage that didn't look like crap. Fortunately I (sort of) figured that out, and now that the premiere at Otakon is over and done with, I can post it on the interwebs for all to see! So without further ado, here's The Super Dimensional Fortress Macross: Did You FORGET About Love? Part 1: What is Love I don't even... .Part 2: Part 3: Anyway, enjoy. Feedback welcome if you've got it.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies. I did manage to get some pretty good looking footage out of the fansubs, having pulled off the subs and then screwed around with the colors (since the dvds are a lot more vibrant) and doing some noise removal--though this (or some other phase in the process, maybe just the compression) seems to have produced a lot of blocking. *Sigh* MM, thanks for the link. I'll have to check that out... well, and I should probably make a serious study of all this stuff and just be done with it. I've tried to pick up the relevant sections but I always end up feeling like I ha
  4. Hey all, new to the forums (it's pretty awesome that there's an active Macross-specific forum, guess it speaks to the show's lasting appeal). Anyway, I have a sort of specific question for anyone who knows anything about editing video. I'm working on a fan-parody of SDF Macross, in the vein of Evangelion Redeath, Ideon/off, This is Otakudom, etc. The writing is done pending some ongoing edits, and ideally the whole thing would be done in time to submit to this year's Otakon fan parody night. The problem is, I have the ADV Macross DVDs and I can't seem to get through the interlacing. I use
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