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Found 3 results

  1. Just recently finished Volume 01 of the Macross The First manga and could not be more pleased (and excited for the next volume)! My heart began to race and expectations began to build, as soon as I first learned that not only had Mikimoto-San started work on the project (and that serialization had bugun in the new Mac. magazine), but that I could soon lay my hands on handsome volumes of this retelling. I realize, with all the other Macross news (regarding sequels and associated products), this may not be big to most, but to me (my opinion only) nothing has been able to recapture the same magic of the original story arc (SDFM t.v, DYRL, Flashback)...with "The First", I am falling in love, all over again! Even if you do not read Japanese (and haven't the patience to translate the furigana), I still suggest picking up the volume! If one has a familiarity with the original anime, one will not be lost and should be able to follow along. Even to serve as merely an artbook, it is worth the buy (love the design upgrades!). While there are changes (in varying degrees) in dialog, design and story, it just feels right (to me). Evoking nostalgia and wonder, at the same time, this manga is both familiar and fresh--best of both worlds!!! I think that some of the changes are even improvements! I've read threads discussing a want/need for a reboot of the original anime. Reading Macross The First is the next best thing (and in the end, perhaps more satisfying). For added kick, have your favorite Macross soundtrack playing in the background. If you're feeling perverse, play the Robotech soundtrack in the background, lol. I look forward to hearing everyone's thought and to discussing this and the upcoming volumes with all. Thanks for your indulgence.
  2. Finally finished! What I was looking to do was this: Did I succeed? Couple of firsts for me on this kit. All of the red and black were painted, not decals. Never done that much of an extensive masking/painting before. Used the Jasmine Models PE set for the first time. And, used Wave sculpting putty to modify a Studio Starforge pilot figure to get a the First figure.
  3. Hi all, Macross the First facebook page is looking questions for their coming interview with Mikimoto Sensei. If you have any questions you would like to ask Mikimoto Sensei regarding Macross the First manga, please post it in the facebook page below :- https://www.facebook.com/MacrosstheFirst/posts/570499822989367 Thanks
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