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  1. For sure man, I owe you lunch anyway. Glad to hear you arent planning to re purpose the lower hull from Prometheus on the Daedalus, they actually are quite different. REALLY looking forward to these!
  2. Looking great Alex! Can't wait to fit this and Daedalus to my Macross...
  3. Bump... Prices include shipping to US address
  4. It was a great time, thanks for putting this together guys!
  5. Thanks jennety_ and snip312 for smooth transactions and great communication during their deals!
  6. This confirms it; there are NO NEW IDEAS for films these days. It's sad that in a time when movies can be made to look so much better than we could have dreamed of 20 or 30 years ago, all studios will pay for are re-makes or re- makes of re-makes.
  7. Looks really nice man! This kit is still on my "I'll have that someday" list
  8. Some great stuff still here at give-away prices guys.
  9. Yeah yeah we'll slow down for this one Knocking around some different ideas about prepping the surface and about the lenses as well.
  10. I think this looks like a more accurate model of the SDF-1.
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