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  1. I have two of Rodrigo's prints and they're just gorgeous! This is his VF-0S print.
  2. Great work! I recall seeing other 1/55 customs here back in the early Aughts.
  3. Already have enough models I haven't built.........but I like the look of the Super Messiah!
  4. Nice job! I've been thinking about doing mine in Navy training colors. Just for something different.
  5. I am hoping some of our more esteemed model builders might see this as I need some advice. Back in the early Noughts, I picked up Unifive's beautiful Gatchaman God Phoenix. I had it out and on display until a cat got up on a shelf and knocked it off. The resulting 5.5ft fall from the shelf caused one tailfin to snap off and broke the pins that hold the wings in place against a L bracket within the body. I tried last night to finally see if I could fix the wings. I attempted to bend the L brackets slightly to hold the wings in place, but without the pins, the wings still just flop around. I thought about things some and since I don't know anyone who can weld, is there any sort of bonding agent that would weld diecast metal? I will post some pics later on tonight when I get home.
  6. Just found this over at Whatifmodelers.com: http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php?topic=35533.0 These are all 1/100 Valk kits. Really cool paint schemes and the first valk is a nice custom job with flaps, canopy open and a ladder! Great work here.
  7. How did I not see this thread until now? I always like seeing someone do something other than the standard paint scheme to a valk. That is amaze balls!! It's very hard to tell just how real the model is.
  8. Nice find. Maybe someone with good Photochop skills could clean that up some.
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