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  1. Ajin season 2 and Appleseed. Really liking them both
  2. I don't see the anymore either
  3. lol, I'm really digging Ajin, like Frothy said, it's pretty dark. I actually liked Knights O's Sidonia, I will say the animation is a new style and takes a bit of getting used too. For me it was like Clone Wars and once you're immersed in the story, you don't even notice and you enjoy it.
  4. Got the grey I wanted, but I was done with the first red and decided to "windex" it and start over
  5. Ajin, Ghost in the Shell Arise, and this little number called Macross Delta. Really enjoying all of them!
  6. A deeper faded red and that telltale I've been in space a lot weathering
  7. Working on this and hopefully it won't take a year and a half, then moving to the Wave Destroids
  8. Actually I will find out this year, I plan on building the Wave kits after I finish the swordfish II.
  9. Awesome, as long as you are satisfied thats a great thing. For me doing the coyote, its about new tech also. It wouldn't be a pocket book killer to make my motor put out as much as the new 5.0, but I can take a 5.0 truck engine, put a different set of cams to make that power and take 75lbs off the front of the car with better economy.
  10. I hope so! And yes, nice ride MC!What I like about Hennessy is he tests and tests what he makes. Probably addressed the overheating issues from the factory too especially adding that much power
  11. I did grind a lot away on the legs just so it could sit properly. I thinned out by the feet quite a bit.
  12. Got a new (for me) ride and already took second gear out before a year was up lol (bad syncro design TR3560) 2001 with only 50K miles for 8K Putting in Tremec TKO500 5 speed from liberty trans (lightweight) with the thought of doing a 5.0 Coyote conversion in the future. Bellhousing from Ebay saved $300 going used, just need to clean it up
  13. Some Evangelion love from Bandai, tried a light wash and darkening with a dullcote. Also didn't like the grey color for the guns and such so I changed that
  14. Thanks, I was hoping also,, I still need to sell my other IMAI 1/72 Destroids lol. And I never understood the 'no love' especially since Hikaru piloted it
  15. Just finished Black Butler, I'm listening to the people that said only to watch the first season as the others are actually not Even written by the original writer of the manga. I think the ending was perfect.
  16. No problem, I used acrylic for everything except the wash and dullcote. I have a line up waiting for models. The rest of the destroids are in there from Wave lol. I recently did Evangelion unit 1 and am working on the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop right now. Also I think the hairspray method looks pretty cool and adds depth, but for me it might be too much, it is good for corrosion and damage and I like to think newer military metals are non corrosive, but still paint wears off.
  17. Sure, I use Tamiya Acrylics. I started with a dark green. I thought it was a little too dark so I resprayed with a lighter green, but I didn't fully cover the dark. I started in the center of the panels and worked my way out. Single action badger. The bases were a mix of green and whites with Tamiya airbrush thinner. I then cleared with future 50/50 and alcohol. Did the decals using the micro sol/set system. I did an enamel wash with a mix of black and brown. To get the edges I dry brushed them in with an aluminum Tamiya paint. I might have lightened it a bit if I remember right. Just like you said I was thinking of heavy equipment. After all the weathering was done I sealed it with model master lacquer dull cote mixed 50/50 lacquer thinner.
  18. Thanks and Thanks, my files are permanently green lol! I used MMR green putty, seemed to work pretty good, easy to sand.
  19. Wow, thanks! I appreciate it! The thing I tried to keep in mind was heavy construction equipment.
  20. Thanks! And yes, buy lots of bondo!
  21. Thanks, got back into modeling for my mental health lol! Thanks Zinjo, I was actually debating more weathering and a couple people talked me out of it.
  22. I think I wore out a set of files and went through a tube of putty
  23. Thanks, I think I wore out a file on that kit. I have an old monster that I need to build too. I may just do a wave destroid kit in the meantime so I don't lose my mind.
  24. Decided to take out the Spartan I was working on a long time ago. I wanted to lighten up the panels so I did that, just to shade them again O_o Its the old Bandai 1/72,, and a LOT of filler
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