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  1. Just put it together. Pics soon!! They included a piece of paper explaining the figure will be delayed until October. Panel gimmick is there but simplified...one removable piece. Bit of a bummer but on the whole its an amazing display. At least 90% polystone..a real beast! So glad I pulled the trigger.
  2. Happy that the cockpit is separate and some of the components containing electronics/LED's are separate. That will make potential QC issues easier to deal with(instead of sending the whole thing back for a faulty connection, one can send back just that part...) Finger's crossed everything shows up in working order!!
  3. Will definitely post pics!! BTW, Big Bad Toy Store still has the Max up for preorder and looks as though it is eligible the $4 flat shipping. That would've been nice!!
  4. Received tracking information today... Looks like it's scheduled to arrive on Friday! It's strange... I've been waffling a little between excitement and remorse with this thing. The preorder was so long ago and since then I've downsized my collectibles considerably. I need to find an subtle way to display this thing, it that's even possible!! Build a bookcase or coffee table around it perhaps..
  5. I'm hoping the 1/20 scale model becomes a reality. That would be quite the display piece!
  6. Thanks for all the images, Major Tom!
  7. I'd agree that the price is high, but not completely incomprehensible... How much would you image this piece should be? Two (well, one figure, and one seated ) 1/6 scale figures, and one three foot long highly detailed 1/6 vehicle... personally, I can do without the speaker option. An average figure these days goes for about $225 bucks, and a vehicle like the 89 Batmobile was something like $600+ at release (however long ago that was?). lt's a limited run, as well... Yeah, its high for sure, but not "loose you sh$t" high... I'm on the fence on this one. The part that gets me is the shipping, which is about $300 bills over what it should be..
  8. Derex3592, is that a Hasegawa model kit? Thanks!
  9. That 1/60 Virgin Road is pretty sweet. Even though I'm sure it was an animation error, it would have been nice if they included the 1A head shown in the animation.
  10. ^Yep, me too! Looks great!
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