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  1. a fully painted resin model, just need to assemble with some screws, or crazy glue
  2. what would be a reasonable price?
  3. my batteries were removed by the store, to be shipped, I have to buy them myself


    https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1164038394&ref=list&dispCount=240&soldOut=1&keyword=Yamato 1%2F48&lang=en
  5. Intenta en amiami.com o hlj.com Saludos
  6. I have these that are a beauty, I love their more organic design
  7. I'm thinking of something with an old 1/48 yamato
  8. don't have the bandai weapons? no problem use yamato weapons it works!!
  9. I did it with the weapons of the Yamato 1/48
  10. Step 1 with the peroxide cream applied to the areas yellow (trying not to touch the paint) I did with 1/48 and no affect, but I don't know if it's the same with 1/60 Step 2- it is put into a closed transparent bag, and leave a few hours in the sun (or you can buy one generating lamp U.V rays that they sell, where they supply the nails and aesthetics and leave it under that light. Step 3 you take it out and wash with dish soap you leave it dry and go Repeat step 2 if it is still yellow WARNING: This is at your own risk, I do not responsible for any damage to its parts I have not I have problems. PS don't put the cream on metal pieces directly, or on parts spray painted by that will chip the paint and rust the pieces of metal. Unfortunately the yellow will return in time, but You can do the treatment again I hope it serves you
  11. I have one That i got at a flea market in mexico
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