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OK, c'mon. Everybody has a guilty pleasure. Something that you enjoy but you know that if others knew about this pleasure you could very easily be mocked. It might be a TV show, film, a song, a musical artist, a certain type of toy, Emma Watson, whatever.

Time fo 'fess up.

MY guilty pleasure at the moment is La Roux (which I have previously admitted to, I know.) Strange music with backing instrumentation that sounds like it is coming out of a C64, but I think its great stuff anyway.


So c'mon. What do you like that you shouldn't.

ONE rule - No mocking or nastiness here. This is just a place to clear one's conscience.


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TV: Tyra's talk show

Movie: The life aquatic with Steve Zissou (I love this movie)

Music: Savage Garden and Duran Duran

Toys: I've always had a fondness for the old Earthworm Jim toys, and I have the complete set.

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I dont even know where to start...

TV: Ill watch almost anything. I have all the seaons released oF CSI Miami and New York, I have Numb3rs, I have WIthout a Trace. Then i have stuff like Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl and Greek, sitting alongside Stargate, STar Trek Voyager and Tru Calling. And thats sitting close by shows like Rescue Me, Supernatural and my alltime favourite show: The West Wing. My DVD buying habits are vast and varied. There are few shows on now that i havent at least SEEN (Well, other than brand new stuff).

Movies i tend to like a lot of stuff people consider 'bad' as well. I dug Stealth. Cool jetfighter battles and bonus bikini shots. Good enough for me. Loved Daredevil. Liked the Aang Lee Hulk AND the newer Incredible Hulk.

And anyone whos been on these boards awhile has seen my toy collection, so I dont think I need to go into much there.

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Ha! I was hoping someone would start a thread like this sooner or later. I was actually discussing this with my best friend, fellow MW member vf2ss, not too long ago. I used to dig watching Lifetime movies with one of my ex's. I love shmup music and will listen to it in my car or when I'm working on my display shelves. This one is really bad. I like some boy band songs, including NKOTB's. I love 80's Euro-Pop and alot of 80's music in general. Two of my favorite movies are Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer (both by Savage Steve Holland and starred John Cusack and Curtis Armstrong). I have a huge gashapon figure collection. I could go on, but I think I've already embarrassed myself enough. :D

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