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  1. Hi all, Something happened to my old password so now I am e_jacob77 again. lol.... So these are only gonna be books??
  2. HI all, Picked Frontier in both categories... Haha, liven up to my name! Course should probably get a vf-27 toy, lol...
  3. HI all, The topic title pretty much asks all info lookin for... Would be awesome if they did, anyone else waiting for one? edit: OOPPs misspelt the name of the valk, DOH! The new Valk from Frontier I mean...
  4. HI all, Had to change my name, was in the hospital for like a month, an forgot my password... IT used to be e_jacob77... Either way, 1st time in this thread, and WOW!!! Thought this was an actual roller coaster or something! Talk about flippin awesome!!! This is gonna be made right? More Macross!!! As long as the shows don't start to suffer from poor writing, then keep 'em coming!
  5. WHEN?????? Can't wait till the NEW Frotnier movie comes out, on DVD!!!!!

  6. Frontier, my personal FAV!!! 3D vector rules, and the rest droolS!!!

  7. HI all, I was once told that on one side of a quarter, 1 persons truth, on the onther, another's. My first response, NO, there is only truth. 2nd interpretation, 2 sides are truth, with white lie in the middle. Tha latter needs defintion. One side, male, the other female. Free-will says were equal. However, in nature were different enuff. Now, Japan, since it's considered that they are the largest leaders in technology, a shame that they place so much emphsis on energy that could harm them yet again WWII. Perhaps, could that white lie, be also a natural phenomenon occuring reminder so that people are remimded, that thru such research in solar energy be better. Japan is a small country amongst others, so solar panels are pretty much out, due to their current size. Why not other attempts at cold fusion? Research should be considered, until it's realized. Or perhaps the following link an inital starting point over the other in use. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thorium
  8. Hi all, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! I will try to be at the next meeting in March!! Nothing lined up so far!!! Would prefer not to join though! Don't make that much cash rite now! Some items on the list are much cheaper than others, which would come first, of course... Hehe.... Do you personaly know of any members living closer to WI, like Hudson, or Stillwater, Oak Park Heights upper Stillwater area??? How bout Woodbury? Or other area's closer to me?? THANX MAN!!! REALLY APPRECIATE THIS!!! E.... edit: Are you from this area? If so, bout how many people show up to a meeting? Would kinda like to know how many pages to print, of the list, hehe..... Thank you!!!
  9. HI all, Last bump!! Noone is interested who lives close to me???? Well that stinx!! Forgive my rant, I just really stink at model building, an don't really have any drive to learn.... But would also really love the kits around my place!! Thanx all!! E......
  10. HI all, Bueller, Bueller, noone interested, or live that close???? Thanx all, for your time!!! E......
  11. Hi all, Right now I have two 1/72 Alto's, and one VF-25G, Thee SNIPER!!! ALL supplies will be supplied by me, ALL!!! My other wish list: A-10 Warthog, 1/32 Trumpeter, may take awhile to acquire as it's expensive! F-22 1/48 Italeri/Academy, not sure which yet.. Mig 37B 1/72 Italeri F-14 Jolly Rodgers 1/72 Academy, may look for bigger scale first.... X-29 1/72 Hasegawa.... AH-1 Super Cobra 1/72 Italeri.... RAH-66 Comanche, expiremental Stealth Heli, 1/72 Italeri.... F-35B!!!!!! 1/48 Panda Models, for the time being, but want the USMC version!..... F-117 1/32 Testors..... B-2A 1/72 Testors.... AV-8B, Harrier, 1/48 Hasegawa..... USMC!!! F-5, regurlar, 1/48 Testors.... F-5 Tiger Shark, 1/48 AVF Club.... F-20 Upgraded F-5 Tiger Shark, 1/72 Hasegawa... F-18 Super Hornet 1/48 Revell... F-18 Blue Angels 1/48 Revell... A-4 Blue Angels 1/48 Revell... F-16 Thunderbird 1/48 Tamiya.. YF-19 1/48 Hasegawa... Lookin for, whish list: X-31, experimenta vertored plane.... YF-23, zactomodels is making one right now, forgot what size though. F-16 XL, MAXL, the Delta Winged Version... If anyone knows of any of the regular models in a bigger scale, than please post a name or link??? I know it's a TALL order, but with a reasonable price vs. Time spent, and skillz, we could work something out!! All builders interested, PLEASE post a/some of your work???? If you were to do this for me, I would NEVER have anything bad to say about you!!! Would Thank You for a thousand years or more, ahaha!!!! Thanx all, for your time!!!!!!!! E.....
  12. Hi all, Has anyone asked if this will also be available in 1/72 Transforming stage yet? Thanx all, Eric......
  13. Hi all, I cannot purchase this as of rite now! Recently bought alot of stuff an kinda broke for that! If you have one ready to go, pm and i'll save for it!! Unless you would let make payments on it? Hey, never hurts to ask, rite?? Thanx for your time!! Eric.........
  14. Hi all, An there is 1 other one too!! Same coloring as the armoured version... If I had to choose, it would be the silver one!!
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