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  1. Everytime I leave and come back the forum changes lol

  2. Was only a matter of time. I am pleased that Sunrise is in partnership with Legendary so it gives me alittle optimism for the project.
  3. Pop Team Epic. Other than that Ive been watching older series. Finished off Jokers Game a few days ago. Not bad.
  4. Ewoks know the land better, I think if you had armour on and a small army of bears popped out of the shrub youd be caught off gaurd, then you got the rebels start blasting you aswell. It would be quite confusing. Tbh they only had the fight around the bunker entrance, the real battle was won in space. RotJ is my favorite one lol
  5. Picked up one of these cheap little kits for some custom fun.
  6. Heard Giri Giri from Delta playing instore while getting some new winter pants lol
  7. I think the perception of "forced diversity" is just due to current social thinking since its been a topic on social media and news outlets for a while. Casting is fine imo. P.S and the Ewoks didnt "beat" the Empire, they where an unexpected diversion at best and it was effectivefor the rebels to use them.
  8. As a follow up to the Blue Moon Showcase photos I posted on the FB fanpage, make sure if you visit you grab a post card and cool little commemortive coins. Cheap and worth it imo.
  9. I've seen it a few times now, its a good movie, but It still doesnt sit well with me having I think it would have been ALOT better if Kylo and those handful of students he had launched an attack on the academy as Luke tried to sway Ben back to the light. I can overlook the otherstuff as its just meaningless fluff or serves as a setting because 'Movie'.
  10. Saw it again today and was able to process a lot more comfortably. Many of the gripes I had from the first viewing sat alot better this time round. Still iffy on the pointless Canto Bight scene and the 'Target ad tier' ending but TLJ definitely benefits from a second viewing.
  11. I have a feeling this movie will be just like watching a videogame cutscene. Lots of flash and big set pieces but empty and hollow.
  12. I think spoiler talk is off the table at the moment, but yeah It is a film with alot of problems. I think the Marvel-tier humour in it so frequently was quite jarring. Just silly. Alot of setup in TFA also that felt like it was scrubbed in TLJ. It's a weird feeling.
  13. Saw it last night. Cant say I was overly impressed by it, I'm still torn tbh. Alot to process, will probably need 2 viewings to take it all in. Alot of great moments, but alot of nonsense moments too. It's...different.
  14. I only watch Girls Last Tour and I dont watch it until im laying in bed just before sleeping because its like my comfy story anime rn.
  15. Since the lore is rich with history, And the Estate is involved. I can see this moving quite well into territory yet unseen that doesnt exactly have to tie in with the LOTR. Either way, From what I hear so far,I'm in for it.
  16. I'm all for the movie personally, i hope it finds a good balance between the pop group and the valk action. Movies tend to do more impressive dogfighting, but posters showing just Walkyre and no other characters is abit "what" but I'm for giving it a chance atleast. tbh it will probably be better than the series since they need to compress and tighten the story better,trim the fat for a more exciting experience.
  17. haha, well it wasnt THAT big but to a 6" figure it would be.
  18. No pics yet, as I am in the process of moving back to Japan so some stuff is already in boxes for shipping. But once i get set back up in 2-3 months i'll throw some pics down. I'm still after the cel in my avvie but I'll also put pics of the ones I have later. The latest Macross item I aquired was an old VHD Macross Challenge game I found in a second-hand Kimono shop lol i posted that on the FB Macrossfan central page a while back.
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