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  1. At this point I'm just hoping to get a credit let alone a response from them so I can use it and be done with them for good. I mean if they can't even fill my Hi Metal VF-4 order, what is the possibility they will fill my DX order?!
  2. Has there been a survey here to see how many active members have been screwed over by NY? I still have two outstanding orders with them and one isn't even DX-related. I have an HMR VF-4 that they still haven't shipped. The other is for a DX VF-1S and a set of Super/Strike parts.
  3. Ok, thanks for the heads up.
  4. Haven't posted anything in years but I wanted to know if anyone else has had trouble getting their order filled for the DX VF-1S from Nippon-Yasan? I put in a pre-order a year ago for it and the Strike Parts for the November release which came and went. When I contacted them in December, I was told that I had to wait for the reissue of the Strike Parts in April. Well, that came and went and I've heard nothing from them. I even ordered the HMR VF-4G in October and I have not received a shipping notification on that either. I sent them inquiries a couple days ago but they haven't responded. I'm starting to worry that I'm going to get screwed on both these orders.
  5. sidearmsalpha

    Hi-Metal R

    What doesn't make sense is they're bringing out the DX version but slowing down on the HMRs. I give them credit for putting out large figures like The Monster, Glaug, and Regults but please finish the Destroids and the SDF/DYRL VF-1 line. I picked up extra Destroids to support the line hoping that they release the last two.
  6. sidearmsalpha

    Hi-Metal R

    Is anyone doing custom HMR side covers for Battroid mode? It bugs me that Bandai would include the part to cover the area around the head but not side covers.
  7. I'm looking at this and not liking how the black panels behind the hands that rotate out in fighter mode look so small compared to the YAMATO 1/48, which I think was more anime-accurate. I can't tell but do they even have the detail like YAMATO's? That's one of the issues I have with the V2 1/60 which scales back on some of the molded details of the 1/48. Even the HMRs top the V2 1/60 with more molded detail. I hope this Bandai 1/48 has better detail under the back end in GERWALK mode which is another letdown of the V2 1/60.
  8. sidearmsalpha

    Hi-Metal R

    Hi, I just pm'ed you about a trade. I got two lefts.
  9. I got the clear one, and I'm almost positive it comes with Hikaru. By the way, since I don't have a 1/60 Angelbirds that isn't buried in storage, did these not come with the Angelbirds stickers for the legs like the 1/48 version? If so, did anyone make any custom stickers/decals?
  10. Man, what a debacle! And I thought trying to keep up with Yamato's releases would be hard on my wallet. I missed out on the Renewal's and just can't bring myself to pay the scalper prices for them. Having to play early bird for the newer releases is ridiculous as well. I'll just be happy with the VF-27 Brera/Grace Valks I was fortunate to get for Frontier. I'm sure Bandai will reissue these later or years from now for an anniversary. Maybe Yamato will get the license once Bandai is done with it.
  11. Tried to watch Archer, but it hasn't really grabbed me. On top of that, as much as I like H. Jon Benjamin's voice, it doesn't seem to fit the character physically. I keep picturing Coach McGuirk, Bob, or Carl, or even himself as himself. Odd-looking characters, basically.
  12. How are the VF-27's holding up with all of you? I totally avoided the VF-25's and only picked up the VF-27 Brera/Grace. Have kept them in the boxes the whole time since I don't have display room for them. Has there been any info about V.2's on these?
  13. Yes, there were weathered and non-weathered versions of the three Mac Plus GN-U's and the Fast Pack parts.
  14. That robotic fish-thing looks like something out of the Darius shooting games.
  15. Yeah, like he said, it's not worth the risk. I have one 1st edition left, and I have loosened the shoulder covers to avoid the breakage, but I think the nature of the plastic is such that it will crack or break without even being handled at some point. If that happens, I'll replace the arms with extras I got from HLJ years ago. The lame part about that is that HLJ sent me arms that are 1st edition arms. The version 2 had not been released yet. If I don't use the replacement arms, I'll just repair the shoulders and leave it in fighter mode.
  16. I'm surprised this line isn't doing better. Yeah, it's Toynami, but you gotta give them credit for taking the risk and making enemy mecha. I'll definitely get a couple of the Light Artillery Regult and the Glaug. It will really suck if they don't get to the Scout Regult. Would really love to see a TV version Q Rau, Zentraedi Soldier, Breetai, Exedor, and the Male Powered Suit.
  17. I had put up a set late last year on eBay, and was asking $40 for it as the starting bid. They didn't sell. As far as how limited they are, that's hard to say. They were produced, I think, according to how many orders Yamato received from the Dengeki Hobby mag offer. They could only be ordered in Japan. Not sure if you knew this or not, or if you were one of the members here who participated, but members got them through a member living in Japan who was gracious enough to order them for us and ship them outside of Japan when he got them. Now, the 1/60 clear parts, I need those. I missed out when they could be found on eBay awhile back. Those were Yamato web-exclusives, I think.
  18. Saw it last night. If this is the end of the franchise for now, it was a bad way to end it, but then again, with Bay behind it, I wasn't expecting much. Oh well. Now, someone else can pick up the reins and try to do it justice. The first one really had me hopeful that we would eventually see a really awesome sky or space battle between Autobots and Decepticons when Starscream took on the fighter planes. We didn't get it in ROTF and not here either. Starscream was the only flying Decepticon, and none of the Autobots took on jet/plane alt modes, which was baffling. Optimus with Jetfire parts/jetpack doesn't count. And what's up with Bumblebee?! Is his voicebox damaged beyond repair?! The talking-through-radio-stations thing was interesting in the first movie, but it should have been done with after that. Sam getting back to normal life with a new girlfriend and his parents still showing up, again, obviously was thrown in to get some laughs from those who are easily entertained. Getting tired of seeing these hard-ass military personnel who think their poo don't stink. Sentinel Prime should have squashed her. How did the Autobots not detect the Ark on the Moon?! For highly advanced, sentient, mechanical beings, the fact that they can't detect each other, their own ships, and even humans (the scene where Sam and the rest are hiding from a Decepticon behind structural beams comes to mind) is pretty lame. All in all, better than the second one, but not by much. There were Autobots missing inexplicably, although some were not missed. Instead of throwing about a half hour away on lame character development and unnecessary characters, they should have added a few more Autobots to make the odds they were facing more believable and really make the last battle an awesome one to end the franchise.
  19. Speaking of parts, has EXO posted an update on how things are going with his custom parts? Not sure if I should have received something by now.
  20. Was the VF-1A Hikaru repackaged with Super/Strike parts like the DYRL VF-1A Max and Hayao were? Do the repackaged VF-1A's have the new crotch design and smooth pins?
  21. Is anything being done about the cracking joints on these? I've noticed on almost all the ones I have from the previous releases that some or all of the hollow cylinders that are used on most of the joints have cracked. Some in more than one spot making the cylinder useless. Stronger plastic should have been used on those parts.
  22. Yeah, same here. I'd rather save my money for one of the other proposed Valks/TV SDF-1/Destroids we really want. The head kinda reminds me of the VF-1JR's head. I'd rather see this Valk made.
  23. Just noticed it then came here to report it. Oh well. Hey, at least we got Robot Chicken out of it.
  24. Speaking of Wizard, wonder how Toyfare is doing considering it's probably the last toy mag around. I collected it religiously when it first came out, but I found that my tastes in toys was shifting largely to Japanese toys (like Yamato's Macross toys), so it didn't cater to my import tastes enough. The humor is great, but it's not enough for me to even subscribe to it. Haven't picked up an issue in years, but my friend gets them for free working at Sony and passes them on to me. The import coverage is still pretty weak.
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