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  1. I remember SK maintaining that he will never go back to the story of the original Macross crew. Done deal. Story over. Mentioning Megaroad-1's fate in ep25, when it has absolutely no bearing to the plot, was weak fan service. And if the revelation was not meant to lead to an eventual revisiting of the mystery in a later series (e.g. What happened? Where are they? Who's Lady M? etc etc), then this reveal was just needlessly cruel and evil.
  2. Sigh. I suffered through 26 episodes of this, and the only bright spot I will remember from this is the first on-screen actual confirmation that Megaroad 1 disappeared near the center of the galaxy 51 years ago. So yeah. What a waste.
  3. Me, I want them all (windermerians) to die, cause they are really an annoying race to me, with how their officers/royalty are portrayed. Yes, even Freyja. Because her death would make a dramatic ending which might redeem this series a bit, and of course because I predicted it earier.
  4. 23 episodes in, NOW they finally decide to develop Mikumo's character?? Jesus christ, where is this going? Ok time to backread.
  5. Then again, there's the psychology thing that you end up marrying someone like your mother, so.....
  6. Assuming Shoji Kawamori had more creative control (as director and story writer) over DYRL than he did with SDFM, I would suppose it's also natural for him to lift key plot elements more from his "baby" than from SDFM.
  7. The nostalgia episode, full blast. Even half expected Berger to suddenly come out and say, "when we found Megaroad 1...." Gave me goosebumps, this episode. I can never have enough of Macross/SW1 references; and the way they treat it as legend warms my heart, because it's almost the same level of deference I have. So... 1. Mikumo is a clone or an android? Most likely the former. 2. For all intents and purposes, the DYRL storyline is the one that seems to be historically accurate, with the reference to the Protoculture song and the alien structure. So yeah, maybe SDFM is the "drama series" they're referring to this time around.Whatever, in my mind both of the happened exactly how they did. 3. The more Roid talks about being the true heir of protoculture with his smug look, the more I want to cram it down his throat. He knows the legend, the accomplishments of humanity, the "defeat" of the Vajra, and all he has to say is, "well, we have fold quarts. it's gotta be us, right?" Jeezus Christ, give this guy a huge dose of wake up juice, coz he's still dreaming. 4. I'm still worried about where this series is going, 19 episodes in. And i'm nowhere near as invested in this one as I was Frontier. Not a chance in hell i'll stop watching though, so who am I kidding?
  8. Wow, things went crazy. Felt like I was watching Evangelion. Or to be more precise, Rahxephon. Freyja with dead eyes was creepy.
  9. This is actually one of my issues with Windermerians, and why I can't seem to take them seriously as a threat to humanity. They have such short life-spans, they only lived on one world (until they used mind control to conquer others), and they probably inherited their valkyrie tech from the humans (i'm speculating. If there's a story that shows they developed the tech on their own, feel free to correct me). And now they're claiming that they're the true inheritors of the protoculture?? Sure, bring that up when you've already overcome the freaking species that the protoculture itself feared/idolized. Until then, shut the F up you entitled moths. (yeah, sorry, humans forever!)
  10. The uniforms definitely reminded me of Macross, with those stripes at the shoulder area. Yes, the starbase looked like a colony. Although for me, it felt more Gundam-space-colony than Macross-type colony city. The enemy drones/ships? Sure moved like Vajra to me (though more like Ender's formics, to be honest) But the final counter-attack?? Definitely screamed out Macross to me! Especially when they sent "the song" to the colony for the latter to play it as well? might as well have placed Minmei/Sharon/Walkyrie in the town center! Too bad they weren't able to shoehorn a love triangle in there somewhere. Unless you count Kirk-Spock-Bones. ha!
  11. Since they're not fighting giant aliens anymore, using battroid mode does seem inefficient. But the ability to hover, stop mid-flight, and fight sideways? Gerwalk is golden in the atmosphere. Given their lifespan, they should be breeding like rabbits. Very early on. So yeah, maybe that rune's been runed before. haha
  12. Finally, the Triangle episode. Though I am Team Mirage for this one, I would not be particularly bothered if the precocious idol gets her man. So yeah, no hating for me this time around. On the other hand, the emphasis on her short lifespan and the way she lives her life without reservations, coupled with how she was portrayed in this episode... gave me a bad feeling of how it will end for her, such as.... a first idol death ever? I have absolutely no basis for thinking this, but I can't shake the feeling. "The light that burns twice as bright" and all that jazz. (whew my first post since the Macross F movies I think. I missed this.)
  13. Or the fact that the Quarter's bridge crew needed back-restraints to counter the G-forces which they were obviously feeling throughout the whole Big Wednesday maneuver, while lil' ms. Ranka was very much comfortably singing all throughout while on a stage on the frickin launchpad. At one point or another, physics has to go out the window in order for Macross to work. Me, I just rode the waves and enjoyed.
  14. I agree. The films did better in handling the character development of the 3 mains. Alto seemed actually aware of the developing relationships between himself, Sheryl and Ranka. Kudos to him for giving a straight answer to both of them instead of leaving them hanging. All in all, Alto seemed more mature, self-aware, sympathetic and able to interact appropriately with other people around him. In my opinion, the movie was also able to give a better explanation for Alto's choice to abandon his heritage (no matter how the series tried otherwise, it still came off to me as simply an act of petulance or rebellion). Even Ranka is a much better character in the movie, in my opinion. She still had her child-like qualities, but tempered by an understanding of the circumstances, some self-sacrifice, and willingness to know the hard truth about Alto and Sheryl's situation -- the fact that she asked both Alto and Sheryl about it was amazing. How many 16 year old girls would have the courage to do that face-to-face? So yeah, Irrational Sheryl Fanboy that I am, I actually found Ranka a bit likeable this time around (although she was still a brat for making Alto follow her around town without a word... or... what a playah!). And Sheryl... oh come on, I don't even need to discuss this. And though the movie was focused mainly on the 3, I just gotta say Ozma absolutely shined in the few scenes that were given to him. If there were Oscars for best supporting actor for anime, he should be nominated for stealing the show (with Wilder a close second). That speech he gave to Alto in the hangar is my new favorite Ozma moment (for me, even trumping the "i'm not an adult, I'm a man" moment in the series). Grace as an honest-to-goodness mother figure was a pleasant surprise. Leon being more of a bad-ass was better -- and his counter-strike against Grace's takeover attempt was pure awesome. The brother-mentor relationship between Alto and Michael was well played, and I almost got goose bumps in that scene between them after Sheryl's "death".
  15. I plan to watch the movie again, but from the subs i watched, the impression I got was that she's Col. Grace Godunawa of the Galaxy fleet, but eventually revealed by Leon to be Grace O'Connor from the Galia IV expedition. Is that right?
  16. Assuming the subs I read are relatively accurate... If we go by Grace's narration of their original plan, Sheryl knew that she was just a substitute until they found Q1. I got the impression that the plan to harvest organs from Q1 is a new suggestion offered by Grace, now that Sheryl is dying. Far as I could tell, Sheryl was not amenable to the suggestion, until Grace countered: "even if it means you won't see him anymore?". Yeah, that sure made her think for a split second at least. I would presume that Grace didn't think a blood tranfusion would work. Either that, or Grace wanted to get rid of Q1 so that Sheryl will not be discarded as dead weight. But I think even if Sheryl considered it, her ultimate resolve showed when she stopped Ranka from coming with Brera, and sacrificed herself to save Ranka when they were being sucked out of the ship.
  17. Hmm... been a while since I posted here, so just let me come out and say, nay, exclaim.... THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!! Ok, so yeah, I was finally able to watch MF Sayonara over the weekend for the first (and second, and some specific parts, a third) time, and I still can't get over it. I loved how intense the emotions were in this movie, and the ending was a real heartstring-puller. I guess that's as much detail and review skills I can muster after having been inactive for so long. So... when's the grand reunion movie coming out (y'know, for all those who have folded to the great unknown in the sky)?
  18. Well, i'm still waiting for Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money...
  19. I think he made statements about the possibility of Bill and Ted 3 in a separate interview a few months back. So it's not completely debunked. Yup. Really, those south park characters are taking a lot of JERRBS all around the industry.
  20. Avatar CGI staff: "THEY TOOK OUR JERBS!!!"
  21. Well, how about Bill and Ted 3, is it for real?
  22. Good point. And I agree that the 3rd movie will probably feature a lot of investigations on Batman's part. but I still think the detective/investigation parts would still be a background for the movie, as opposed to it being the main feature.
  23. The Batmobile lost its wheel... which turned into the Batpod. What, getting a fingerprint from a shattered bullet not detective enough for you? But seriously now, I think TDK at least showed a small measure of Batman's detective side. The irradiated bills. the face-recognition software. the cellphone-wiretapping scheme. and, of course, that crazy bullet-fingerprint method. Although I wouldn't mind a hard-core detective movie starring batman (a batman film in the style of Memento would be awesome), I doubt that Nolan would go that route for the final film in a trilogy of blockbuster movies.
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