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  1. And as long as they keep putting the RT logo on anything the fans will bite as well.
  2. Some people talk about them because they are frustrated with the way things are. It is their company that has prevented the macross series from being..... I can't think of the word but still robotech is to blame for that. And also fans are disapointed because there is no new robotech and HG keeps telling them that there will be. Both sides have a reason to be angry with them because they are blocking but also not producing. And no matter what is made it will be criticized? by both sides. but also fans come to this thread to complain because they really can't do it any where else with out being baited or banned. hope that makes sense. I can't think like I used to =\
  3. Yeah that's what I was thinking as well, it does fit the description. I like the design I think it looks cool, but it hasn't been confirmed that it's official so we'll have to wait and see. I like the idea that the thing itself doesn't have a true form, that it can take on any form of its choice.
  4. hmmm does sound interesting, I'll have to check it out for sure.
  5. Gotta look at porn during those boring panels, or spy on this thread =]
  6. They're still trying to milk this bastard? Put a lid on that sour milk already :|
  7. Time to revive this thread =] I've been following the Thing prequel's facebook page and there's a rumor that this is the thing's current form when it is discovered in the ice.
  8. Now there's two minutes and twenty-four seconds of my life I'll never get back
  9. That's because Adult Swim is for stoners..........that's why most of their shows don't make sense..........but yeah I can totally see them tripping out to STAGE FRIGHT
  10. a recent post on RTX brought up the subject of airing Robotech on Adult Swim.........now I remember a few years back in a bump someone had suggested they air it, and they laughed and said no. Seriously though, I love RT but its not adult swim material, if they aired it, it would probably be done as a joke much like their saved by the bell and pee wee's playhouse shenanighans.
  11. blah blah blah, go back to talking about Robotech gosh dangit, don't you know theres so much happening right now? So much to talk about, how dare you not talk about Robotech!
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