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  1. Final Fantasy XIII will be important if the reviews proves it won't be "dumbed down" for xbox users. As for Heavy Rain, Sorry fellow gamers,but from what I saw and read and what friends told me,it is a mere rip off of Max Payne and True Crime with a touch of The Getaway and we all know why this game is so over hyped,a woman is seen in underwear and guys say its an awesome game. One of my friends said he beat this game quick so that means a short game.I will pass and wait to see how good FFXIII does for sales.
  2. So I am told to think before I post,but no one else tells me or others to think when Robotech and said certain people of Robotech are bagged on worse than "racist" remarks?! Good point Gubs,By the way,get a sense of humor
  3. Ha,A person who hates "mutilation" movies contradicts himself by wishing gross mutilation death upon those who made the SAW movies.Maybe you should stick to Walt Disney and Care Bears I better not mention that I like The Grudge and The 4th Kind because someone might wish a horse death upon those movies too.
  4. Jeeze man, Some folks has no sense of humor or soft skinned or completly ignorant of what Doug Bendu-du was upto lately and how he has slandered many Macross fans and Macross itself along with other Robotech fans. So I edited the thread since no one has a sense of humor now a days.I just wanted to add funny to this "fan war" By the way Kieth,I am half Native American and half British so I am not racist.
  5. ** Edited ** Folks has no sense of humor and damn me for "racism" but we continue with crazy gossip of who is worse than others. No sense of humor.
  6. Thanks,I heard of a PS2 game out there too and kind of hoped it made it here to U.S. and suddenly I envy you folks who speaks Japanese and those who has a PC Nice vid clip either way.
  7. Oh my Gosh, Can someone please tell me this is real or fan made? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhH2gpIDLCU...feature=related It looks so awesome and wondering if it is a scense from Space Battleship Yamato 12-12 or the LAM or just fan made. I apologise for this tidbit but Robotech has and never will have anything on Space Battleship Yamato/Star Blazers! Laters, Pete
  8. It was probably SAW 3 because SAW 2 was awesome for me,And I am sure you would have remembered the "Game" that was a big hole in the floor with all those needles and the funny game with the furnace "When you're in Hell only the devil can help you".,SAW 3 had some drowsy parts but if you slept thru the "pig Game" then you are blessed,that gagged me out! Pete (Not the VFTF1 Pete)
  9. Roy Focker I know how you feel man,and if I was not trying to learn the path to God,I would tell you to respond to someone who calls you a "Pu$$y" by saying "I am what I eat" and you will not believe what I get called for using the RPG-7 and throat slash and CqC EX. I hope to be able to team up on MGO with you some day,I am no one to brag because I got a lousy Lvl 13 so I sux at MGO but still enjoy owning fakehounds. I hope so because I am still trying to make up my mind between The SAW and Final Fantasy 13.And as for FF14,,,Forget it,I hear thats "pay to play" too. Gosh Pete (Not the VFTF1 Pete)
  10. The Argo/Space Battleship Yamato would own both those ships, The Yamato would also own a Borg Cube and the Battlestar Galactica and U.S.S. Enterprise A-Z! HappyPenguins I did for curiousity and to see what this was all about.I cought Memo in a big fat lie too,Memo told me dawg Bendu-du made Viper cry over JT or something like that,but I did not listen to the whole show but I heard all 3 talk "Seto,Viper and Bendu-du" but no one cried. And if Bendu-du is a fan of Robotech then why don't have any Robotech stuff in his vids? I did'nt see one Veritech.Some fan huh? But he has his face
  11. I still peek on Ebay for those things too.I guess if my memory is correct,my first Robotech toys were Macross toys way back in the mid 80's and one was a Zentraedi battlepod that my older sister got (all in Japanese and had tiny flat screwdriver for assembling) and then after that I would frequently get one of the Macross mecha from the gumball machines until they ran out.I had atleast 5 or 6 or so because my dumb little brother would mess them up or steal and hide them just like he did with my SDF-1. One of those old gumball machine mechas would look good on my car dashboard for sure
  12. Any SAW fans here? Well I was happy to hear that the creators plan to make atleast 8 SAW movies in all. I really enjoyed them all so far (I was kind of "iffy" on SAW1 and 5) and look foward to see what the plot will be on SAW 7. I don't know if the rumors are true but I heard alot of SAW fans and watchers say that the series out-used itself but I like how the stories keeps interlacing with the past SAW movies. Maybe we should ask the creators and writers to make a TV series for SAW. See you folks later.
  13. Since the fat PS3s are now fixed I guess alot will be raging about the so called good titles that supposed to be coming out.Like GoW3 and Final Fantasy 13.I never was a god of war fan,games looked cheezy and lacked solid story. I heard Square "dumbed down" the FF13 game for the junkbox 360 uses so it will not be PS3 quality and I can't find a good vid or demo of FF13 to look into.. Oh well,only one more game and more than likely I might stop getting games since all might go online like that poor excuse for a game called MAG,HA alot of my PSn friends complain of over 50 snipers in one round. My last game I will get for now is The SAW since I am a SAW fan and heard it is better than Batman AA.
  14. Now I am even more glad to have seperated myself from Memo's side of the Robotech "fandom" after reading what he said to HP here: Wow folks,I never thot a man who considers me,Seto and others "flame trolls" would stick up for and agree with Doug Bendo,I read his posts and heard on podcast and thot this guy can't be for real and you folks would not believe my reaction when I watched his youtube vid on how his face is the Robotech fandom. Maybe seperating myself from some of the Robotech fans is not such a bad thing after all.Sad that Memo and Mav does not "bring it" to defend their sad actions. Thats crazy,Me,Seto,Robewell and HP drove Memo insane but Memo admires dawg Bendo,how wierd. Laters, Pete
  15. Oh ya,but I have not seen any "I hate Bandai" or "Yamato screwed me" threads so I assumed not many folks complained, But thanks for that direction,since my PS3 is not letting me play I will use it to surf that forum,,If I did'nt know better,I'd say Toynami made some of the "fat" PS3 and part of the "network" is ran by rt.com because same quality and customer care at this time.
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