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  1. Did anyone have any success using any credit that you were given? I had over $200 in credit which I just let expire because I just don't trust them to follow through. It was better to cut my losses than to keep losing more money. Never dealing with them again.
  2. They told me you can combine the codes as I had two codes. Ferry just seems to be the more reliable one to me to the US with them. From what I have read here, if you choose a service that would supposedly be faster, the status remains as being processed for a long time.
  3. I just got the DX VF-1S Hikaru they shipped on October 22nd by surface so there is hope for those that also had stuff shipped to them by surface. I'm still not sure if I want to place an order with them with the $230 credit I still have. I've never bought anything from them other than Macross items.
  4. That was the case for me too. I had the DX VF-1S and a set of Super/Strike parts in the same order. I knew they already had the VF-1S in stock because it showed it was in stock on the site even though I never received a notification. The issue was the parts set. In one of my inquiries from early this year, they said they were waiting for the April re-release to fill my order because they didn't have enough when they came out in November or December. I finally gave up on the parts and told them to just give me a damn credit and ship the VF-1S so I can use the credit to try to get something that they actually have in stock than wait forever for another Macross item.
  5. Are you logged into their site? If you are, the Live Chat Support box appears on the bottom right of the screen by default.
  6. I finally got them to ship the DX VF-1S and to issue me a store credit for the Super/Strike parts instead of keeping me hanging on this order which I placed in June of last year. They cancelled the HMR VF-4 I had on order since October of last year and issued me a credit. I now have three credits totaling $236. Any suggestions on what is safe to order since it seems that Macross items are risky?
  7. At this point I'm just hoping to get a credit let alone a response from them so I can use it and be done with them for good. I mean if they can't even fill my Hi Metal VF-4 order, what is the possibility they will fill my DX order?!
  8. Has there been a survey here to see how many active members have been screwed over by NY? I still have two outstanding orders with them and one isn't even DX-related. I have an HMR VF-4 that they still haven't shipped. The other is for a DX VF-1S and a set of Super/Strike parts.
  9. i wonder if their stock of all Bandai Macross items got affected by their supplier supposedly not being able to fulfill their orders. I'm still waiting on an HMR VF-4 I preordered October last year and was released in February. I submitted a ticket for that order too. After this debacle, I don't see why anyone would ever want to buy from them again. This is beyond ridiculous.
  10. I'm curious about this too. I sent them an inquiry about my order almost 3 weeks ago and never got any kind of response. I'm going to try again and see what happens.
  11. Ok. I meant the VF-1. It seems like this is still an issue with even the Valkyrie releases. I still haven't heard from them about the preorder that I put in in June of last year for the VF-1S (along with one set of Strike parts). From what I can see in my Order HIstory, it looks like they might have the VF-1S but are waiting for the Strike parts to ship them together since that was one order. If they ever respond, I'm going to see if they can just ship the VF-1S and settle for a credit for the parts even though I'd rather not have to deal with them ever again. I even ordered a HMR VF-4 in October of last year and still no response. Is this only a problem with Bandai Macross products? Has this been an issue with other retailers like Amiami?
  12. Are they only screwing over international customers? Can any members in Japan confirm this?
  13. What do you mean by the suggested ticket language? So if I do an inquiry for shipping, I can ask them if they can change the shipping to UPS? So I take it they are claiming they still can't ship by EMS? I bought a VF-1S from a seller on eBay and it was shipped by FedEx. Does NY have a FedEx option?
  14. How long ago did you place your order? I want to do the same but it's been over a year ago that I preordered a VF-1S and Super/Strike part set.
  15. Ugh! Just came back on to see how this is going. I sent them an inquiry a few days ago but no response. I caved in and bought another VF-1S from eBay since I don't think I will ever get the one I purchased from NY. From the time I purchased it to the day of arrival was only 7 days and this seller is in Japan. NY is full of it.
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