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  1. It got further than the first space fold in its first run. The last thing before they did the flashback started was introducing Lap Lamiz and Milia.
  2. Going with Macross: Do You Remember Love?, my very first anime film.
  3. Discovered and started watching Tokimeki Tonight on YouTube. It’s a comedy in the vein of Urusei Yatsura featuring a female main character who’s the daughter of a vampire and werewolf trying to live a normal life in the human world. One of the most interesting things about this show is that it started airing in the same week that the original Macross series did.
  4. I can watch the first 15 minutes on my break at work!
  5. Renge certainly is the heart of the show, but I love all the characters! Non Non Biyori is easily one of my favorite shows.
  6. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the title. I tried finding it on the B&N website, but don’t see it listed.
  7. I was in Barnes & Noble the other day and came across a book on drawing chibi-style anime characters. Much to my surprise the cover, both front and back had various Macross characters on it. It had Minnay in her DYRL dress, Mylene, Ishtar, Sara, and a VF-J on it.
  8. I haven’t yet seen the Demon Slayer movie, though I do know that it takes place right after the first season with the second season taking place after the events of the movie.
  9. That’s one show that I really wish they’d make a second season of. There’s enough chapters of the manga to easily get another 12 episodes.
  10. The 1/144 Gundam TR-6 [Haze'n-thley II-Rah] that I pre-ordered should be shipping some time this week according to the email I got from P-Bandai. I can’t wait!
  11. Which isn’t really an issue considering that Hikaru, Max, and Kakizaki were all high school age in the original TV series.
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