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  1. Mine, too! Liking it so much that I picked up the first volume of the manga. I would have bought more, but that’s all that the Barnes & Noble near me had.
  2. I remember getting the LP for DRYL and being super annoyed that the song was shortened on the album.
  3. Other than taking a trip to Japan when I was 21, the only other thing that I accomplished by 24 was being a member of the staff for a now defunct anime convention.
  4. Probably not that weird, but while I was playing FF-XIV, a came across a player using the name Isamu Dyson for their character.
  5. I bought a 1/100 Dragonar kit 30 years ago that I still haven’t built, but I’m still definitely interested in this kit.
  6. Just hearing about the F9F brings back memories of my childhood. The town that I grew up in had a retired one that was stripped and used as a playground piece from 1969 to 1987. I used to play on that old plane all the time when I was a kid. That very same plane is now restored and is one of the display pieces in the Intrepid Museum in NYC.
  7. It got further than the first space fold in its first run. The last thing before they did the flashback started was introducing Lap Lamiz and Milia.
  8. Discovered and started watching Tokimeki Tonight on YouTube. It’s a comedy in the vein of Urusei Yatsura featuring a female main character who’s the daughter of a vampire and werewolf trying to live a normal life in the human world. One of the most interesting things about this show is that it started airing in the same week that the original Macross series did.
  9. I can watch the first 15 minutes on my break at work!
  10. Renge certainly is the heart of the show, but I love all the characters! Non Non Biyori is easily one of my favorite shows.
  11. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the title. I tried finding it on the B&N website, but don’t see it listed.
  12. I was in Barnes & Noble the other day and came across a book on drawing chibi-style anime characters. Much to my surprise the cover, both front and back had various Macross characters on it. It had Minnay in her DYRL dress, Mylene, Ishtar, Sara, and a VF-J on it.
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