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  1. That's good news!
  2. Does this mean they will reissue the VF-1S Hikaru or is it just a set of clear strike / super parts?
  3. Zenmarket works quite well for me. Used it alot. Good service. Good packing. https://zenmarket.jp
  4. Well looks like it's happening. http://www.figures.com/forums/news/41131-nycc13-new-robocop-movie-gets-play-arts-kai.html
  5. Would be nice if they make a Play Arts Kai version of the Version 1 of the new Robocop.
  6. Blue huh... kinda makes me think someone was wondering what would happen if Smurfette was in the Worlds of Warcraft universe.
  7. Yeah me too. Really want the Batman and Batgirl.
  8. Would be sweet if they made a figure of the sorceress.. and would be even better if the figure was a cast off one.
  9. The white one is supposed to be an exclusive that was packaged with the game. A box set type deal.
  10. Got my Metal Gear Rising Raiden today. Not bad. Wish the sword was closer to the one in the game. Nice fig. Wish they would make Ghost Recon Future Soldier figs. Would work quite well.
  11. Those DC Comics Play Arts look great. It would be great if Play Arts made Ghost Busters figs. I wonder just what kind of design would they come up with if they did.
  12. Oh yeah. The main character/monster thing that John Stalker transforms into from Cybernetics Guardian. That one would be a nice figure.
  13. It would be great if they made revoltechs of the Steel Gunner characters from the old arcade game.
  14. I agree. Muscles are fine but when they get all over done like their in some kind of body building contest then the deal is off.
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