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  1. Kit Bash time!!!

    im having to look for another kit jut like mine , because the kit came with missing part & Dobell's

    latter ill find the pic & send it to ya so you can see what im dealing with.

    the guys who made my kits are not on the net no more.

  2. But it's not an alcohol, tobacco, or oh wait...
  3. LOL LOL totally dissapointed when I didn't see "From Justin Lin, the director of Fast and the Furious." I live life quarter stadia at a time.
  4. Perhaps I am a sad and pathetic panda, but seriously... that's what I do for EVERY movie, game, or book that interests me . Read it first on wiki, and decide if it's worth my money.
  5. One of my favorite designs, The OV-10, is apparently active in anti-ISIS operations performing its intended CAS role: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/03/09/why-is-america-using-these-antique-planes-to-fight-isis.html
  6. ... in your travels, did you ever see the one and only An-225 in action?
  7. Not a sleek fighter... but handled like a boss. #thuglife
  8. FF Tactics is also available on PSP / Vita. It was rebranded as FF Tactics: War of the Lions and had some nice cut scenes added... still the same awesome game though. https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/games/final-fantasy-tactics-the-war-of-the-lions/cid=UP0082-ULUS10297_00-FFTWOLUMDL000000
  9. Logistics in the UN Spacy must be a freaking nightmare rofl ... ~ 2 new Valkyries per decade, and so many variants for each model.
  10. Played X-Com 2 in Veteran at first... got destroyed. After finishing the campaign in Rookie, I'm faring much better in Veteran mode now. There are a lot more game mechanics and soldier class idiosyncracies to learn this time around, so it might not be a bad idea to swallow your pride and start in Easy mode if you're struggling. Also, the metagame is beyond punishing, it adds so much more tension than the base management of X-Com 1.
  11. I am an on/off EVE online player, and also dabbled for a few months in Dust 514. The problem with CCP's EVE games is that they all eventually become a cesspool of the worst aspects of multiplayer / online gaming - scams, meta gaming, abusive exploitation of game mechanics, etc. This admittedly is also what makes EVE Online great for people who are into that sort of thing. I almost feel like their games are designed to bring out the worst in all of us . EVE has an incredibly rich lore, and I think Dust and Valkyrie were good opportunities to exploit that, and make one hall of single player campaign gaming experience or Co-Op, but instead they opted to go again make it into another multiplayer pvp-fest.
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