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  1. I think there's something in my eye... ;_;
  2. Speaking of 'stealthification', what's the status on the Silent Eagle project Also, any new info at all about those supposed LO Black Hawks used in the Bin Laden raid?
  3. Wow, I'd love to have one of those If only I had the tools and skills
  4. We might get a nice discovery channel show about some hotrodders trying to tune fighter engines
  5. I wonder how the trapeze-racks for the AMRAAMs would've worked out If something jams there you'd be down 2 usable missiles instead of just 1
  6. Warning, spoilers: And no.2
  7. Can't have a Liefeld topic without this: EDIT: There's a part 3 as well, only 2 embedded links per post though Part 3:
  8. Airborne pirates on the way (sort of): http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2012/03/19/the-pirate-bay-to-fly-server-drones-to-avoid-law-enforcement
  9. Return of the biplane? http://gizmodo.com/5893768/new-bi+plane-design-promises-all-of-the-sonic-none-of-the-boom
  10. You'd think anything taking off from the angled deck would get sucked into the front left lift-fan...
  11. http://gizmodo.com/5889737/top-gun-2-is-real-and-stars-a-plane-that-doesnt-fly Afraid it'll be just another CGI-fest (assuming it's true of course), not to mention the severe lack of '80's soundtrack...
  12. Dang, would love a model of that bird Also, is it just me, or is there a bit of Serenity in the cockpit design/shape?
  13. You know, that middle picture reminds me of a UCAV featured in a certain movie which must not be named, while the bottom one (at least viewed from the top like that) kinda has a BSG Viper thing going on IMO...
  14. Where?! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I loved that show, looking forward to his Neverlution Anywho, back on topic: Has Night of the Lepus been mentioned yet?
  15. Speaking of the T-50, I do believe the expression 'dat ass' is appropriate:
  16. Who needs sanity when you can literally deface people? Anyway, looking forward to seeing this myself somewhere in the next couple of days
  17. Because then you'd have people bitching it's not called African American
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