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  1. While I realize that, I would think that Amazon would take advantage of the post Game of Thrones audiences and tap into something that hasn't been touched before. Regardless of what people think about Tolkien's adaptations, they've been done before, and I for one am tired or re-visiting the same old material. They were headed in the right direction with Man in the High Castle (in regards to new IP's to explore), but have been regressing lately. I wold personally rather see Sanderson's or even Goodkind's works turned into a series, rather than ANOTHER Tolkien story. Tolkien is like the Rolex of watches or Ferrari of cars. Yeah, they have name recognition, but there are better out there. Falling back on Tolkien show little imagination and shortsightedness, and tells me that they want to exploit the already built in audience to maximize profits. Thank god Netflix is doing The Witcher.
  2. Another fantastic season from the Duffers. However, I didn't really like Mad Max. The character felt really forced, and didn't really need to be there at all. other than that, it was bitchin'!
  3. So I went to see this again tonite. It was fantastic, and this time I was able to focus more on the story than the spectacle. It's such a shame that this movie is doing so poorly in the box office. This movie is a masterpiece, and I am glad I got to experience it in IMAX. I think I'll catch it one more time in IMAX before it leaves. Theres no way my home theater could do this film any justice.
  4. Looks like ill be passing on this one. Especially since TFA was crap. It has a very updated "Empire Strikes Back" feel to it. It'd be awesome if Luke was the last Jedi, and has to take out both Kylo and Rey. I'd pay to see that.
  5. I went to see it in IMAX. It was a fantastic experience, and a wonderful movie. They really did an excellent job with the visuals. I'm definitely going to see it again this weekend.
  6. I won't be able to see this until Sunday night, but in the meantime I bought the soundtrack, and I gotta say I'm slightly disappointed. I was really looking forward to hearing Johann Johannson's contribution. Unfortunately, he was removed from the project and what we got in return was a generic sci-fi soundtrack, with some Elvis and Frank Sinatra sprinkled in for good measure. It's not really BAD per se, but I expected more from Hans Zimmer, given the fantastic work he has done in the past. Perhaps im biased due to listening to that fantastic Vangelis soundtrack for years.
  7. I can't recall another film that I've anticipated more than this one.
  8. what a bummer. I have so many fond memories going to TRU when I was a kid. It was TRU that introduced me to model building. I suppose it was inevitable.
  9. CBS really should have started with this article. I never really liked the whole "new problem/encounter" of the week that trek loved to do. It worked for TOS & TNG, but after the introduction of a serial format in the later seasons of DS9, Voyager really suffered for the procedural format it reverted to.
  10. Meh. I was never planning on seeing this train wreck anyway. There are too many interesting stories to be told in the Star Wars universe to waste time on an character origin movie. While Han and Chewie are interesting characters, I was fine with the arc they were given. The characters were not interesting enough to make me curious about their backstory, and we are given everything that we need to know about them within the first 5 minutes of being introduced to them in A New Hope. This just seems like a blatant cash grab in the guise of "giving the fans what they want". That being said, i'm sure this will make a billion, and I hope that Howard does a good job. He seems like an odd choice, but I guess thats why i'm not in the movie business.
  11. This is easily a hard pass. I dont like anything about this, or the way it's being handled. I'm not even going to waste my time pirating this.
  12. I just finished my annual marathon of B5 a week or so ago. RIP
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