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Macross General SCOOPUDA thread


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Tragic news indeed. :(

This tweet is from Studio Nue cofounder Kimiyoshi Takekawa - alias Haruka Takachiho - about a house fire that occured at Kazutaka Miyatake's home.  Miyatake-sensei himself is alive and being treated for smoke inhalation.  His wife Tomoko, unfortunately, passed away in the fire.

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This was in my timeline, but it seems it got deleted as I can't see the actual tweet.


EIDT: I'm having 2nd thoughts about posting something that someone deleted. Feels like an invasion of privacy or something, although it was a public tweet.


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2nd thoughts
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Macross live streaming event titled #エアワルキューレ/マクロスFを一緒に観よう!!!!!!! (#AirWalküre/MacrossF Let's watch it together!!!!!) at YouTube this July 4, 2021, 6pm JST.

劇場版マクロスΔ×劇場短編マクロスF コラボ上映記念「#エアワルキューレ/マクロスFを 一緒に観よう!!!!!!!」7月4日(日)18時よりYouTube配信決定!

完全新作『劇場版マクロスΔ 絶対LIVE!!!!!!』と『劇場短編マクロスF ~時の迷宮~』が、今年コラボ(同時)上映と期待が膨らむ『マクロス』シリーズ。

YouTube マクロスchで、「#エアワルキューレ/マクロスFを一緒に観よう!!!!!!!」特番の2021年7月4日(日)18時からのライブ配信が決定した!

ワルキューレメンバー5人と2016年に開催された原点「ワルキューレ 1st LIVE in Zepp Walküre Attack!」を、シェリル・ノーム役 遠藤 綾、ランカ・リー役 中島 愛と2008年に開催された「マクロスF ギャラクシーツアーFINAL in ブドーカン」を一緒に観ようという豪華企画だ。
「ワルキューレ 1st LIVE in Zepp Walküre Attack!」は、保管されていた素材を新たに編集したディレクターズカット版!


Theatrical version Macross Delta x Theatrical short film Macross F collaboration screening commemoration "Let's watch #Air Walküre / Macross F together !!!!!!!" will be delivered on YouTube from 18:00 on Sunday, July 4th!    

The completely new "Macross Delta Theatrical Version Absolute LIVE !!!!!!" and "Theatrical Short Macross F ~ The Labyrinth of Time ~" will be collaborated (simultaneously) this year and the "Macross" series is expected to grow.  

On YouTube Macross ch, the special program "Let's watch #Air Walküre / Macross F together !!!!!!!" will be broadcast live from 18:00 on Sunday, July 4, 2021!  

"Macross F Galaxy Tour FINAL" held in 2008 with 5 Walküre members and the origin "Walküre 1st LIVE in Zepp Walküre Attack!" Held in 2016 with Aya Endo as Cheryl Nome and Ai Nakajima as Lanka Lee. It's a gorgeous project to watch "in Budokan" together. "Walküre 1st LIVE in Zepp Walküre Attack!" Is a director's cut version of the newly edited material that was stored!  

Let's watch Macross LIVE together on YouTube on Sunday, July 4th !!!!!!!


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3 hours ago, hulagu said:

Oh, wow, did they finally put the Macross music catalogue on iTunes recently? 

They weren't there when I last looked a few months back.


Everything from Macross II up to Zettai Live yes. Just got announced and done this past week.

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16 minutes ago, blackconvoy_D01 said:


Found via reddit Macross group post; is this actually happening in the US?

Nothing official yet, but I'm betting this has something to do with the announcement that is planned during the M+ showing. 

Also just did a straight search on Atom tickets for Macross and the M+ OVA popped up.


Edit: it has a trailer attached and it includes scenes from the OVA, this includes the opening fight sequence of Isamu vs the Zentradi in the asteroid belt. Interesting.....

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