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  1. This is more from the current culture of having to know every detail and not having mysteries to solve at the end of the day. Also no conclusion for the greater mysteries will ever appease a fan-base unless it is exactly what they envisioned. Been seeing this in the 40K recently when one of the BL authors finally struck down a theory on the Lost Legions. Fan-base got pissed.
  2. Wish I had thought of that when I did mine.
  3. Survey done. Here's to hoping they bring more over period.
  4. You need to VPN it for YT, though I'm not too sure if the broadcast is still going as they were hit by a 6.1 mag earthquake. Nozomi tweeted that the studio and crew are fine. Still.....
  5. I mean what do you expect from the writer of Konosuba? The main cast is all there with some jobs swapped around.
  6. Oh it gets better, just wait till the third quarter act:
  7. Think this is in terms of he doesn't work, he just has money given to him. Granted it's from a business he owns, but he doesn't have to work in the traditional sense anymore.
  8. Yeah, since it was about the Robotech side and Macross was only mentioned in the first and fifth video to give context. Think in the first one he stated that he wasn't going to explain Macross cause that would need a separate video in it's own right.
  9. Not those videos specifically. Toy Galaxy gets funding like any other YT channel. So Patreon, Twitch (in the last year), corporate sponsors and YouTube revenue. That is to do all their videos. I guess it depends on how Patreon is viewed since it's like a subscription/crowdfund hybrid. For Toy Galaxy to get a C&D would just be them being asked to remove the videos, which if HG or BW want to request then YouTube has the tools for that.
  10. GW didn't kill TTS, Albafusa rolled over like a fainting goat. He was running on fumes and the discord around the IP gave him an easy out. Fact no YT channel has been hit with a C&D from GW since the 'update' outside one that was hit by mistake and they apologized for it.
  11. Seems JoyToy is doing a Incusor squad. Article from WarCom. They hit pre-order next week. Seems that GW is spreading their IP around to things other then video games. Also anyone here get in on the Warhammer+ service? I did but wanted to get other opinions that have.
  12. To be fair the fanbase has been attacking since the production was announced. So a little push back is expected and deserved. Now if the crew hit after the show aired then the fanbase has grounds, but this time not so much.
  13. Ouch, yah she was too cute not to nab, plus her and Lucas will be haunting my window this Halloween.
  14. So here is my newest order from HLJ, would have included a YF-19, IF it wasn't delayed. So I decided to start a custom Yamato fleet, I have a box of the frigates on backorder. The Vic Viper was a impulse buy during a contest on HLJ.
  15. I have enough VFGs still in box... though with this and Klan Klan I might as well just hold off and wait for them to release a Mylene one and my Pathfinder character conversion will be 99% done for me.
  16. If they want another source of easy content they should release videos of the pinchinko animations. That way we also have a record of them to boot. Then it's just getting the back cataloged sub-titled and released.
  17. Thinking on this (not too hard I assure you), Bay wouldn't be good for an SDFM but... what about M7? It has the rock music, a dense male lead and if we go for Barsara on the battlefield, lots of explosions. Plus his interactions with Sivil seem right up Bay's alley for female roles. Just need some passable writing to make sure Mylene's character isn't gutted.
  18. That is my leaning too even though I have her old 31 already. At least if the up-gunning is the same on them all. I just like the colour.
  19. Considering how much Delta curbed from Frontier and now this new fighter I'm going to place money on General Galaxy being the big bad as they are going after the ship Roid used to take over all of humanity for all of 5 minutes.
  20. Oh yeah. I need to go thru S2 soon. I was howling at the last scene of S1 cause that literally happened to me once in a RP.
  21. Binged through 86 and it was enjoyable, all but ep 12 as it was a full recap of the season. Interested to see S2 as the promo image now makes so much sense it made me go "Oh shiii.." Also started Odd Taxi and if what I've heard is even half true it will be an enjoyable ride. Liking what I'm seeing so far. Vivy is on my watch list, but might not get to it until I actually finish the several projects I've taken on.
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