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  1. Much like @TangledThornsI'm in it for the pew pew. Knew how bad the writing was going to be since Marauder. If I want well written Starship Troopers I'll read the book. Just in it for the action, which the preview seemed to offer.
  2. Technically if you VPN yourself in Japan you can watch Frontier and Delta on Netflix, issue is that there are no subtitles.
  3. It started off ok and just plowed into a crap ending. Like original Eva ending bad.
  4. Well their keeping to the greek name convention, but the name does actually make sense in context of the philosopher's ruminations. Point of view was a minor point in the series as is the showmanship of the group. I won't be surprised if our mystery enemy is attacking based on perceived intel instead of actual recon, ie the subjective and objective experiences of the characters.
  5. My only complaint with this is that they didn't post Flashback with subtitles. That would have been amazing and hope they do a re-release of all the franchise with subs at least.
  6. Little of column A, little of column B? Honestly the dramatized event angle works for Macross as I highly doubt singing would be as powerful in the 'real world'. A decent example even in anime I think is in Gundam Seed cause I remember Lacus trying to pull a Minmay with a more realistic result.
  7. Oh just wait till the house party in S2, that will have you rolling.
  8. We technically already have proper english subs for Delta. Their just really expensive.
  9. Oh gods I used to have the originals of these. Might need to follow cause I always wanted their tier 3 suits.
  10. Yeah, friend showed this to me last month. I have never wanted a mob boss to win so much as I did in this movie.
  11. Sounds about the right reaction. From what I've heard S2 is his redemption arc of sorts, which with the grave his dug himself that has to be one hell of a climb and explains why people are loving it now.
  12. Welp that's another scene off the OP bingo card. If the hero shows up after this that will confirm the time displacement between the two plot lines.
  13. Maybe, honestly the catgirl ones were what spurred me to start collecting. Might have only gotten one or two to make my pathfinder bard conversion and stopped instead of the half dozen I have now.
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