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  1. I second a request to have the VF-X games released here. Also just about any of the games since then. Think the music rights are going to be the main hurtle now as they are different from the game proper.
  2. Maybe, that would explain the reload of each shot in tank mode. There is another mech that has a alternate artillery mode, but it's stationary. This thing can move, slower, but still move.
  3. Also while you can just buy the mech for about $8, you can get it with free currency after playing for a week or two, 3 matches a day to cap out on the missions. That is maybe an hour of playtime.
  4. So I got this mecha and been using it in my matches over the weekend. This thing is a quick af. I haven't gotten much use out of the tank mode, but the maneuverability of this thing, especially in an urban environment is massive. Only thing I've seen with this amount of freedom of movement is the Hurricane and that is a transforming flyer. Only compliant is the low ammo count on the main weapon, I spend just as much time reloading as firing.
  5. Well I know which mecha I'm buying next in the game. Will save gold coins until it's release..
  6. For most DeMaggio is Bender. So it would be hard to have the Bender of the original series in the Revival and not be voiced by him. There is some interesting things they can do with a recast, but that is not what the studio is banking on. It's all about nostalgia and staying in the past.
  7. Nope, not really. It's why I point those interested in the series to the movie. It does in two hours what the series tries to do in thirteen. Also the character death is done better in the movie.
  8. And yet you just wrote out the plot of the first movie with a change to the energy bit. Sure you just don't want a reboot, cause it sure sounds like it. Besides they go over the energy bit in this movie, basically they are using emotions to up the power, much like how the net works currently. You get more out of a knee-jerk emotional response then thru a logical thought out one.
  9. That kind of defeats the moral of the story, at least the one the movie was telling. You needed those two for 4 to work, otherwise you have just a pure reboot film. Granted if that is what you want then ok, but that wasn't the point of 4.
  10. This was a fun ride, the meta commentary had me rolling more then once. Action was lower then the John Wick films, but it's hard to beat those in the first place. Course how the movie ended and the message in general I'm hoping the studio took the hint and this will be the last Matrix movie that tries to continue the narrative, a prequal could make for a interesting action flick, but Neo's story is done and buried.
  11. Yeah the sound was off at our showing as well. It was still nice seeing it on the big screen regardless. As for attendance, I did a check of the 4 theaters in my area that was showing it (seems they added one). Of it the one I was at had 8 including myself and my friend. There was one that only had 2 seats bought (guess they had a private showing), one had a good 30 seats sold (also the largest of the theaters) and the newcomer had 0 sold as of 2 hours prior to showtime. Honestly for something like this I'm not surprised at the numbers, just glad it did something and hope they release more over here.
  12. Yeah, this series was way too good. Be interesting to see how S2 starts considering how the first season ended. An amazing opening too, hope they can hold that energy for the next one.
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