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  1. That is a thing on most (if not all) of the anime they host. I double checked a few others and all the English subtitles are CC that I saw.
  2. If I have the funds next year, might just do a bulk order if they are still around. Waiting on Mikumo to finalize.
  3. Honestly this is a bundle I'll take as each has something I like but I just can't justify having all three at base price.
  4. That was the idea. I have the parts for a broadside version, just haven't gotten around to it since I pretty much never use them.
  5. Kind of, this is an old pict but the force hasn't really changed much outside some additions. Like this 'monster'
  6. Been playing since 2nd and still play to this day, usually on weekends. Got a little bit of all the Imperium and most xenos armies, including a Macross inspired Tau force. Most of the discussion here tends to be of the Joytoy variety these days. Collectors have to collect after all.
  7. I would love to get models of the cruisers and other larger ships. Bonus points if they manage a transforming SDF or other Macross ships.
  8. So looked into mods for deadlock in general and there are none. Seems that the IP holder has a strict no mods policy. The closest thing you could get would be the Homeworld mod that was being worked on. Hope this helps.
  9. They kind of did. So you could just watch the level, BUT the tings from the notes were in the background and there was no way to turn them off even if you had them muted during standard gameplay. This was to make it harder for someone to record and post the MV. Even though someone did, just take some proper alignment with an mp3 of the song.
  10. Kind of the reason I hope she has a local distribution here in the states. Will be looking into that over the weekend since she has been released.
  11. Their Twitter account announced the delay as well. Honestly I just want a page on Steam so i can wishlist this game. Fine on a delay for polish.
  12. There was also a dub of Macross II and Plus. But agreed on the fact that none of the others (0,7, Frontier and Delta) will ever get dubs done. Which is fine.
  13. Hazbin Hotel got picked up for a full season right after its pilot aired. So it was on hiatus until it was to be released on Prime. Helluva Boss has been having new eps made regularly and is pretty much in it's second season on Youtube. Side note: The cast for Hazbin has been recast, so it's not the same VAs from the pilot. Otherwise same writers and art style, so take that as you will.
  14. IIRC, no. Outside having the base game of course.
  15. He doesn't, Guilliman is revived via Cawl and Ynaari help. Guilliman does becomes an avatar of the Emperor at one point, very briefly, which does save his bacon at that point. If that is the time he is referring to.
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