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Macross General SCOOPUDA thread


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Damn you, you knew I'd want this if it was on bluray, damn you to hell!!

Don't lie, you've gotten it anyway if it was only avaliable on DVD....

Looking at the DVDs, it kinda looks like they were putting the thing together around the BD's space capacity specs. The DVD release will come in 2 discs to the BD's one.

**Updated: Well looks like they've updated the details. The BluRays also are in 2 discs like the DVDs. Was only one when I first saw it go up.

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Well, since my review of the May'n concert last night seems to have had the honour of being the last topic in the old thread, Im reposting it just in case anyone is interested. I neglected to mention that the crowd was approx 2900 people.


Well, just got back from May'ns 2009 summer tour 'Love & Joy.'

Just like last month, I seemed to be the only Gaijin represetin' – for shame all you forum lurkers! I know a fair few of you are in Tokyo and its summer holidays for most of you (although not for me. I had to take a half day off). For shame! :-p Oh well, just think of me as your Hibiki Kanzaki in Tokyo when it comes to Macross-related events ;-)


It was a pretty good concert, although I would put last months Megumi Nakajima concert above it.

Basically it was an awesome concert if you were a May'n fan and an ok concert if all you were there for was the Macross stuff.

Unlike Nakajima, who, it seems, is being groomed into the modern face of all things Macross, May'n is striking out more and trying for her own solo career. While none of her non-anime songs are as good as her Macross/Kanno ones imo, some are still quite good. But with each concert tour she seems to be decreasing the amount of Macross songs she does. Having said this, she did a few really good versions tonight.


On the non-Macross side, she did two versions of May'n Space, a good version of Why? and an accoustic corner where she did Blue, Grand Piano and Glorious Heart to only an accoustic guitar. These versions of the songs were really nice and brought her vocals to the foreground where they really shone.

She also did not one, but THREE original/new songs tonight (none anime related). Two were from her upcoming album – X.Y.Z (yes, that is a song title) and Get Ready!. Both were kinda poppy and fun. The third one she wrote to commemorate her last teenage summer, since she will be turning 20 this October – way to make me feel old May'n! Called My Teens, My Tears, it was ok if a little forgettable.


While overall she spoke with the crowd a little less than Nakajima, she did talk at length about her love of Tai-yaki and how hard it is to get them during summer – especially this week because its technically summer vaccation and a lot of stores are closed or actually selling Tai-yaki cold instead of warm. There's even pics of Tai-yaki boardering some of the pages in the concert booklet. She does seem to love the stuff (dont mind it, but am not a huge fan of red pean paste personally^^


On the Macross side, she did pretty much every song I expected – What about my star , Welcome to my fanclub's night, Dont be late (awesome audience participaton) and a stunningly powerful version of Northern Cross. The best song of the night though, by far, was Diamond Crevasse. She saved it for the final song (actually the only song during the second encore). It started off with two verses to just a piano with a lead in guitar before pumping up to a more regular poppy version before dropping back down again, this time just her. But for the final verse she put the mic down and did it completely solo. The crowd went dead silent – you could hear a pin drop – and her voice reached all the way to the back of the hall. Pretty amazing!

I'd definately put this version on par with the Tanabata Sonic version with Yoko Kanno in July. It was that good and a brilliant way to end the concert imo since the overall ration of macross to non-macross songs was probably 30-70.


I'm can't wait to see what sort of duets and remixes we'll get ath the Macross Crossover Live in October.

Oh, and I've said it before, but if you want to experiance May'n live, doing lots of Macross songs as well, BUY the May'n Act DVD. Its a great mix of songs and good sales will hopefully result in more live recordings being released!

Couldnt take any pics inside the hall (they were extra strict – maybe word about the Tanabata Sonic bootleg has gotten around?) but Ive included some from before the concert.



BTW: if anyone is interested in going to the Fire Bomber Reunion in November, PM me!

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☆May’n 日本武道館単独コンサート開催決定☆




May’n Special Concert2010 at 日本武道館



時間:16時30分開場 17時30分開演予定




Macross Ultimate Frontier's theme is Fire Bomber new song, Burning Fire






I find some nice PS pics...









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Is Macross Ultimate Frontier a new game or an update to Ace Frontier? I've been out of the loop for a while.

I am very curious about this new Fire Bomber song as well... I am a rather big Yoshiki Fukuyama fan now, I assume he still sings new stuff as Basara. I shall go looking!

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I suspected, thanks for the info. I also found out more about that Fire Bomber song, seems to be in a new album. I be that is old news for the people who watch news in threads like this though... like I said, I've been out of the loop.

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・基本の流れはTV版準拠だよ。二部構成で前編は1話~7話相当だよ <-------------Orz~~~~













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I'm trying to find the silver lining in these news, so here are the main points mixed with my comments:

OK, so the first movie will be focusing on the events from eps. 1-7 only? Argh. (Just how many frickin' movies are we talkin' about here???)

Brera will appear from the start? Argh.

60-70% new footage: OK, but if they make new character animation and recycle all the mecha action I'm not gonna be a happy bunny..

The characters will be more mature due to time constraints for character development: OK, I like what I hear...

Alto will be more active, more like a protagonist: Good, because his TV incarnation was pointless. I'd rather they switch to another character, like... I dunno. Hell, even Docker from M7 is more interesting than that guy. Truly, Uncharismatic Hermaphrodite .

Grace is 37... So?

New mecha, new vajra..

Trying to revise the TV show by putting more atmospheric battles in. Good.

Twice as many songs as DYRL in this first movie alone!! Fantastic!! .... Wait a second... is it??

Kikuchi has been relegated to "enshyutsu"*, from director. Dunno if that's a good thing. Kawamori directed Zero, which had awful pacing problems, I believe Frontier was a bit better in that department.

*Enshutsu can be translated as "performance"... It is kind of like director in which they decide exactly how characters should act and react.

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How certain is this information? Kresphy, while being a laudable bringer of information, has sometimes turned up with questionably sourced materials.

It seems to run contrary to what we knew before, that the second movie would be a new story, therefore I am a bit apprehensive about this information.

And I kinda resent that accusation that Alto was a bad protagonist. ;) He could use a bit more decisiveness, but all around he was a centered character who believed in duty, friendship and was someone you could trust to come through for you. Someone who cared. One could definitely do worse than having him as main protagonist.

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Hm, yeah, okay. So basically "I really didn´t like the series, only the parts where things went boom". Gotcha.

Exactly. Macross 7 was an excellent character-driven show, but hugely lacking in the action choreography department, and yet the little movie they made for that rocked, though (Ichiroh Itano was back for one time only as choreographer). Frontier was great for the action, but the story and characters were throwaway paper cut-outs.

DYRL was a fan-service version of the series, and that might be what Frontier the Movie will turn out to be... Problem is, I don't think I'm a fan this time, so I'm wary.

Plus a lot of people seem to agree that Kawamori as lone director = not good (Zero); Kawamori as co-director/general director = generally good (Plus/DYRL). Now if Kresphy's data is reliable, Kikuchi's "demotion" might be of concern.

ANYWAY..... Since this is a NEWS thread, I thought you guys might be interested to hear that the movie tickets have gone on sale now.

They will have gifts, and during the first period, you will get:


"Crystal Artworks".. Well, it's just a print. It doesn't say how big it is, though.

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Latest issue of Newtype has an EVEN MORE BONDAGE-GALORE poster/calendar of Sheryl and Ranka. This time Sheryl is clearly not wearing any underwear and just riding the wind. Oh, and you can see a bit of a nipple, too.


Go! Buy it now! In fact, clear out the entire stock and get it out of my face! :p

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Video link for the Music Japan Anison Special:

[090816] MUSIC JAPAN 新世紀アニソンSP (NHK-G 1280x720 H264 AAC).mp4

八百万の幼女00gp3hqr00 (このIDの登録ファイルを全部見る)

1,757,625,365 bytes




I like K-ON's Don't say lazy



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Model Graphix No 299 (2009 October) has some interesting tidbits of information.

VF-25Gu + APS-25E/MF25P Armoured Messiah Valkyrie Klan Custom

Not sure how factual it is (but it's a nice thought that Klan gets her own VF), but it has the following details:

3 head lasers

SMS 801

Armour Pack has dual-laser turrets on back

Right arm has a retractable chainsaw!


It may be announcing that the 1/72 kit is under development, but it definetily has some groovy pseudo-lineart. (3D modeling lineart presumably for the kit. But it's better than nothing). Parts are: head, wing & engine nacelles, legs, shield and knife, gun pod, and landing gear.

YF-25 Prophecy

New kit from Bandai releasing on September 1st. Given that it's a kit, does it mean it's canon???

There's also a VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Ozma Custom "Low Visibility"

Looks cool, but I doubt it's canon.

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YF-25 Prophecy

New kit from Bandai releasing on September 1st. Given that it's a kit, does it mean it's canon???

From Ngee Khiong (Linky)

1/72 Transformable YF-25 Prophecy - Limited release for Famima Dotcom's advance sales of tickets for Macross Frontier Theatrical Version. Pre-order will start in early September, through the company's website only. Release date TBA. 6,025 Yen (inclusive of tax)

Until I see some more info, I'm not sure it's canon.

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BD delay 2 days.





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(continued from here )

Here's the booth for the MF Movie


Unfortunately, no booth babes. Just have to make do with the standees :p

Well, that's it for this short trip report of all things macross. Hope you enjoyed the photos. It was a heckuva experience being at an authentic Japanese hobby show, from the queuing for exclusives, to the gathering of fandom. I didn't take pics, but Macross Ultimate Frontier was available for play, the LuckyStarxMF protos were out, and there was even a Nyan Nyan box with frozen soba... :)

Hope to be able to go for the next one!

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Erm... talk about the content of this thread elsewhere, please and thank you.

Translation of the YF-25 Prophecy, and an overview of other parts of the Model Graphix No 299 (2009 October) article(s) on Macross: http://www.macrossroleplay.org/forums/inde...g34792#msg34792

The YF-25 Prophecy is pretty interesting. I hope that it's background doesn't change when it finally does go to press.

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