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    Bandai DX VF-31

    Has there been any update regarding the Sound Boosters for the VF-31 DX Chogokin? Saw some pics last year at Tag Hobby or something.
  2. I don't think there's any reason why they can't or don't have gunpods. Those forearm guns can be stored so they still have the ability to hold one or any other auxilary weaponry. Just have to see if there is the usual "in between hands and legs" hardpoint for it in fighter mode. Besides, the battroid silhouette in the trailer looks like it has a gunpod. I was just thinking it might have Escaflowne-esque vibes, which was what Air Calvary Chronicles eventually turned into.
  3. At this moment while hyperventilating, i'm just thinking the number of re-colours of the same DX mould i have to buy to complete a "Walkurei" and "whatever-the-boys-were-called-again" squadron. And i'm crying for my wallet.
  4. HO YEAH!!! Great news! And actually kinda hate it that we have to wait another few months for ep 2
  5. I have cancelled with AmiAmi and NY before with no reprimand....despite what they say on the terms and conditions. Just saying its not something they actually enforce with an iron fist.
  6. GX-68 and 69 shelfwarmed? Wow....over here they have all been sold out. And didn't they schedule to have a reissue for the 68 soon?
  7. Wait what.....this is a recent release. What's with that major markdown? I'd get it if i didn't already have the original release.
  8. The forward canards should be longer/wider. But overall I like that interpretation.
  9. Maybe its a parts-former. Everything seperates and recombines into gerwalk and battroid mode like lego 3-in-1. Evolution from the super-electromagenetised parts of the VF-25.
  10. I only own the Frontier Shooting Star BluRay Box Set which had English subtitles. Not sure if there were any versions of the Frontier TV Series BluRays/DVDs with subtitles. If there never was any, i doubt there will be for Delta, but here's hoping.
  11. I'm sure they will. Its more or less the same mold, with different colours. Any pictures of accesories for this bad boy yet ? Hope it has grappling cables and stuff.
  12. This isn't a cameo but more like a nod. When i'm not Macross-ing i'm board gaming. So i stumbled upon this Kickstarter of a nano-boardgame, called Star Patrol: Carrier Commander. No valkyries here, but notice the counter sheet. One team's base is called Prometheus Base and the other is Daedalus Base. I understand if you back $25, you get to name the Carriers so maybe they got the name from a backer who is a Macross fan. If yes, and its someone from here, good on ya. Not to mention the "Admiral On Deck" card looks kinda like Admiral Max Jenius. Back it for just $3. Sounds fun and easy to carry around. (I'm in no way affiliated to this game or its creator, just spreading the word)
  13. I misread your sentence "He was talking in terms of the way it will transform and how this will be an evolution based on the 25 - 29 - 30 " to mean the evolution in general. Not just the transformation. Anyway, my bad. Carry on with your reports. I understand how I might have come across as guessing what Kawamori meant despite first hand news. That wasn't my intent. Anwyay now that I understand Tochiro meant he was talking evolution purely on the transformation then, ok. Let's just leave it at that. My bad. I misread his report. That wasn't my intention and it is not my place to doubt Tochiro's report/confirmation if he said it was as such. Carry on.
  14. I do agree w you on his design process starts aesthetically but I don't think I'll rule out that he didn't consider the technological advancement consideration as part of his design. Based on his talk/panel and interviews it's clear he considers his mecha designs in entirety which means he considers the "world" in which his designs exist. Does this mecha require more weapons? Does it require more boosters/rockets? Why? Are the enemy they are fighting fast and agile? He takes all this into consideration and implements it into his design. And this is something he asks everyone on how to design-think and create new IP and new mechanical designs. That said I was just stating how I interpret it and basically fan-wanking a possible reason why the 4 thruster approach prevalent in frontier era valks was reduced back to two. Kawamori might have an entirely different reason (example the setting requires the valk to be used mostly in atmospheric flight only) or any other reason. Hardly putting anything in the man's mouth. As a fan I'm just having fun guessing the reasons. Maybe there might not be any at all but that doesn't mean I can't have my fun thoughts. Besides I give kawamori enough credit especially after listening to his lecture that the man has reasons on why and how he designs his mecha.
  15. I read "Natural progression of Valkyries" meaning more thrust generated from the leg engines thus removing the need for two more engines on the wings ala the yf-19 and vf-27, thus reversion back to the YF-24 design.And the micronisation and armaments (moar micro missiles and beam weapons!). But we know this thing's gonna get another fastpack and get EVEN MORE THRUST. You can't have too much thrust unless it turns you into Guld paste, amiright?
  16. No model number for the valks announced yet? Going by the age of Macross I'm gonna assume Vf-32. Then it keeps the VF-40 for the eventual 40th anniversary.
  17. Good find. Not sure why the silvia has a logo on its own. But I long suspected that Nissan and Kawamori are somehow intimately linked. He designed that mecha version of the Nissan Dualis. Also there was a Nissan Frontier pickup truck. Coincidence? Hmm. *Xfiles music*
  18. Teleporting valks. Ever since we watched Frontier 6 years ago (it was that long ago?!) I felt that that was one of the technologies that could be developed eventually. And the technology to allow it to happen was available in Vajra. So who knows? This is just me fan-wanking. XD I think you're right about the Vajra producing munitions internally. I think i'm mistaken on folding munitions in. But in any case, now they have a possible canon-lore to explain technology for Valkyries to have unlimited ammo and missiles in video games.
  19. The closest comparison I can make to an existing fighter mode airframe is the YF-27. Behold. More pics: http://frameout.blog67.fc2.com/blog-entry-340.html
  20. Or a form of swarm drones, like man-made autonomous artificial Vajra akin to Buster Machine 7 from Diebuster.....oops. IMO the cumulation of Vajra technology is to make an army of autonomous drones or at least able to be centrally controlled from a single point using fold waves. No....no merging valks. Otherwise we'll get Aquarion. I won't mind a merging Macross fleet that merges all their power sources to form a giant macross cannon of sorts though.
  21. As silly as this might sound, I figure it may be things they salvage from Vajra technology and physiology. These include micro fold reactors that allow indefinite operating times, a micronised fold drive for individual valks without use of fold boosters, and munitions that can be "unlimited" as they are warped directly into the weapons of the valk. The vajra had these abilities. That is assuming they managed to artificially create fold Quartz. And maybe more practical and civilian use of the vajra fold network without cybernetics.
  22. Press thingy is still information for the info-lusting vampires of the Macross-fandom. *reminded of the nuggets of info trickling for Macross Frontier back in the day. The fan-analysis of the blurryy prototype trailer. Ahh....those were the days*
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