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  1. Well, I think this image is interesting as in that it shows ( if it is meant to be taken in context with the second movies plot ) that we are getting a really new story, instead of a rehash of the second half of the TV series.
  2. Oh, so this logo is already known to be the bird-humans? Hm, which "faction" would that belong to?
  3. Since your words triggered one half page of anti- AxS fan and anti-AnimeSuki bile, I thought it necessary to comment on it.
  4. Yeah, but I expect something better from you than labeling Sheryl X Alto fans "those people". Those a pretty laden words.
  5. I came to Macross and BattleTech over Robotech. For many years, Robotech was the only thing I knew about the Macross universe. For that alone, I owe a big, big debt of gratitude to Carl Macek. RIP and bon voyage, sir. May you find peace and contentment, whereever you may be now.
  6. Here in Germany, co-workers are, well, as personal as they and you care to be, which I prefer much to keeping everybody at arms length.
  7. Why should you not try to introduce co-workers and friends to things you like? Unless they have no interest in your private life and want to be left alone, of course. But if they ask, why not?
  8. Indeed. In most cases it seems they follow, although they expand on some aspects and we get much more into the head of Alto. And some seriously yaoi-looking stuff between Alto and Michael. There are some new minor characters, like Colonel Aegis Focker of the 727th Independent Special Command VF-X Ravens and Lt. Gen. Kim Kabirov in command of the Earth Macross 13 fleet. Kim Kabirov if you remember is one of the original bridge operators of the SDF-1 Macross. ( Information from ReddyRedWolf from AnimeSuki ). You can find the accumulated info on the Macross Light Novels thread on AnimeSuki. I'd guess condoms solved the problem.
  9. I must have missed that part where Sheryl and Alto sent her a photo of their lovemaking, let alone told her.
  10. What, you read this incredibly sweet scene and the first thing you think off is "Poor Ranka!"?
  11. That selfsame night. Here's a summary by AlaAlba from AnimeSuki, who did a translation on the fly:
  12. Not exactly "movie" news, but since there is no general thread for the Macross light novels, it seems that in novel three ( of four ) we got confirmation that, YES, Sheryl and Alto did make love. Hooray!
  13. Yeah, same here. Which, btw., automatically disqualifies us as persons of interest for Sheryl. One mayor turn-on for her in regards to Alto was his recalcitrance to treat her as something special. Which was quite justified, as he was all by himself a mayor star already when she wasn't even widely known and he therefore would most probably be immune to being star-struck.
  14. Besides the "Yaaaarrhhh!" screaming during combat, Alto calms down a lot after about episode nine, when he and Michael reconcile. Well, he gets still pissed at Brera, but who wouldn't? Anyway, Alto is not emo at all. His complaining about his situation is kept to a bare minimum, as to establish that, yes, he has problems with his family. Any bouts of self-justification are normally triggered from outside forces ( Michael at first, then Yasaburo later on ), which simply indicates that he is not exactly comfortable leaving the tradition of being the next Ranzo behind, but determined to make his own future.
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