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  1. Only changed it now. Was quite surprised with the "very strong" requirement. The new reality I guess. Thanks to the mods for all the work they do.
  2. Fair enough. I guess what I was trying to get at was the military was actually briefing politicians about this activity and it gets reported like any other news item. IIRC, in the past did'nt the military not just outright deny the existence of this events? If that happened then by this time the Unification Wars should have been over and we would be united under one banner, right? https://macross.fandom.com/wiki/Unification_Wars
  3. An awesome nod would be if the F-18 did the inverted flying while hugging ground that Isamu did in Macross Plus. I was quite surprise by the announcement of this movie, but a part of me has this nagging feeling it might flop.
  4. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/20/politics/ufo-sightings-navy-briefs-us-senators/index.html I'm surprised no one has posted it here yet. IIRC, UFO sightings used to be just conspiracy theories but now the U.S. military actually monitors it? This news makes me wonder if the military has a transformable F-14 somewhere or a repaired alien battle cruiser just in case. lol
  5. Spot on about the mechanical details. I dig them too. By the way just saw episode 8 and I thought there was some significance to the number eight in EPISODE 8.
  6. A bit older. But you could give Cross Ange a try. Word of warning it's a bit jarring at the start. https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=cross+angie&oq=cross+angie&aqs=chrome..69i57.2335j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Also. Gundam Thunderbolt. Not exactly a series more of an ONA/OVA/OAV. But it has mobile suits.
  7. There's also one thing bothering me from FMP IV. The Alastor. Why the shock on Souske's face upon seeing two of them in the apartment with you know who? Didn't he or his team not encounter it in a "Die Hard in a boat" incident that was in the book? Or was that part not animated at all? The animation by the way is odd for some reason. Made me wish KyoAni was doing this. Heck it would even be better if the group that did FMP I did the animation. BUT, I'm still happy to see more FMP animated.
  8. Does this link in an rt.com articlecount? I can't open the actual link though since I'm at work, but I'm guessing it's harmful one so not posting it. But if I'm not mistaken that looks like a VF-25 being compared to an F-22. LOL
  9. So the Major was in fact........ Sorry I could not help myself after all the hoopla over Ms. Scarlett Johansson getting the role. All in all it was an okay movie. :|
  10. Maybe it's time we followed the Star Wars formula of Rogue One? You know something that happens between the established shows. Maybe the development program of the current VF ala Macross Plus with the Draken being the competing VF and later stolen. Or maybe a movie about the resurgence of the Anti-U.N. faction and them being behind the the war.
  11. It wont be China. That's antagonizing a huge market for this movie. Remember the Red Dawn remake? It'll probably be North Korea again or maybe the Ruskies? Or they could do a period piece like maybe the first Gulf War or mid-90s. IIRC, a new movie about the the 1980 Iranian embassy siege is going to be shown soon so going with a 90's setting might certainly be possible.
  12. Saw it myself just yesterday. I felt like more of the same. I'm curious though where they will go from this point for future sequels especially after the plot twists on this movie.
  13. So when are the Aerial Knights going to get there just desserts? Honestly they have all the advantage and only one of them dies?
  14. I'm going to re-watch this episode but any idea who the male voice is? The one in Mirage's monologue about her not meeting the standards of the Jenius name.
  15. So were are the VF-25 brownies? I thought the grunt units for Mac F where the VF-171and by Delta we'll already be a new grunt unit. Any in universe explanation for this? Or is the VF-25 destined to have the same faith as the YF-19 that even though it won Project Super Nova did not go on to become the new standard fighter of the UN Spacy?
  16. Saving this picture. Gonna replace the one on my sig hat was a screen grab from Black Lagoon. So any one knows how many episodes Delta is? I'm thinking it cannot fit in the 25 episodes so maybe the traditional 50 episodes?
  17. Holding off on voting. Need to rewatch that again. Can anyone tell me though that I'm not crazy and I did not just see a VF pull off something like Capoeira?
  18. So breaking tradition..... Io reminded me of Mr. Bushido from that other Gundam franchise, TBH. Wait a second that's Alto's VA also? I see a gundam still put the fear of god on Zeon pilots. I guess Amuro in the RX-78 was turly terrifying for Zeon pilots? By the way, a female (acting) ship captain on a UC show. This time for the Federation. Cima was for the Zeons in the other series, right? The jazz did not seem out of place to me, IMHO. It made the battles more thrilling for me. To each his own I guess.
  19. Thanks for all that commented. I actually transitioned from an C2D E8500 to an i5-3470 and I was astounted by the huge performance increase. That integrated memory controller was really a big factor I guess. An SSD upgrade is something I wanted to try as well....but something's holding me back. My prejudice against them in terms of longevity I guess.
  20. Unlike some of you folks here, my upgrade might sound more like a sidegrade. i5-3470 Gigabyte B75-based Mobo 8GB of RAM Radeon 7770 to Radeon 7950 2x1TB drives Samsung 223GW LCD to LG 23EA63 LED IPS Antec 300 Case SilverStone 600W Modular PSU Af the two upgrades, it's the LCD to LED move that has me awed. The difference between the two is like night and day! By the way, I don't play a lot of demanding games...probably my most demanding will be Far Cry 4 and XCOM 2......so I just wanted to throw this out to our techy folks here: 1) Do I need a 16GB upgrade for RAM? 2) I'm skipping Haswell and Sky Lake. I'd like to wait for the day that DDR4 RAM becomes cheap and mainstream. Sounds like a good idea? 3) Any reason to go for an i7 if I can find them real cheap?
  21. Just got into One Punch Man and wow I'm liking it so far. I thought I was sick of shounen already but OPM proved me wrong.
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