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  1. Any news or rumors of upcoming Macross releases in the U.S.? Did anybody see the Macross Plus movie edition in the theater? How was it?
  2. I think HG keeping rights to Macross characters is more or less for the live action movie.. It seems more likely we will see Macross designs in that project.. Hopefully they can get Shoji Kawamori attached as an executive producer.. It sounds like H.G. (maybe Funimation-Sony) will move Macross product in the west.. It's a plethora of material but they have to REINTRODUCE the Space War 1 characters in a big way.. Bandai-Sunrise has a twenty year plus lead on them with Gundam but I don't think it's insurmountable.. They will have to copy Bandai with have their own streaming channel spotlighting Macross series that weren't released in the states.. Now they have to start with that great white whale.. The Moby Dick of Anime.. Macross: Do You Remember Love with all new English dub and high-rez transfer.. Next they have to either release Macross Zero as both a full OVA and edited movie with new scenes.. Mac Zero could be a preamble to DYRL.. Have them set firmly in the same universe.. Finally, the Macross the First manga and the Macross PS2 game.. Macross the First MUST be licensed in the states maybe through VIZ or even Titan Comics.. Mac the First could expand the events of SW1.. SDF Macross PS2 video game be available in the PS store.. With SW1's story set firmly then we can jump ahead to Macross Frontier with the full TV series on Cartoon Network or Sci-Fi.. Then the release of the two theatrical movies..
  3. So no new Macross TV series but they'll continue with the Delta brand? I'm not really surprised by that.. Maybe a few OVA's to flesh out some of the character's back stories would be nice along with a decent sequel (I wasn't a big fan of Passionate Walkure but it had amazing animation).. I still think a "NEW" Macross doesn't have to emulate Gundam but could still incorporates it's core elements (flashy mecha, hotshot pilots, space wars, musical idols).. Delta to me was just boring and failed to utilize certain characters but overuse boring characters..
  4. It's a knockoff of EXKaiser God Max from the Brave series.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0dczhp6fPQ
  5. I forgot about the Brave series..I know Dai Atlas & Sonic Bomber from TF Zone were also added to Brave..
  6. It reminded me of old school Diaclone or Transformers Victory/Zone toys..
  7. I meant one of the first Macross English adaptions not all of Anime..
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