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  1. Hello, thank you for reading the script and reporting all your findings! I decided recently to just post the script in its entirety; here it is. Sorry to everybody about the "mystery and intrigue" of just releasing parts of it. It belongs to all of you, the fans. Even if it isn't that good . Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana! That is really hilarious. Now, without further ado... Macross Movie Script Complete.pdf
  2. Hi, Everyone. Sorry I haven't been around for a few months. As some of you may remember, I found a copy of the lost movie script in Kevin Seymour's belongings last summer. I had a nice pdf of the script made and am posting most of it here in the link below. More will be revealed Macross Movie Final Outpost Earth.pdf
  3. Hey, Shawn! Thanks, nice to hear from you. I've been reading the script, and I think it's quite good. There is a 90's sort of cheesiness to some of the lines, but there's also some pretty humorous stuff. I definitely won't shred it
  4. Yeah, I know there's been a Gloval and a Global in Macross history. Not sure what the connection is yet, but I will let you know if I find out (as I work through the script). Same for "Richie".
  5. I think I saw that screenshot pic in a related thread while I was "reviewing the literature".
  6. Hi guys, I don't know how to say this, but I believe to have found a copy of the script for Macross: Final Outpost Earth, in Kevin Seymour's collection. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think! It's 128 pages, and from what I have read, it's pretty cool.
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