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New Super Stealth Pic's


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thanks for the kind words guys, im just staring out in photography, that photo aint mine, the only thing that's mine is the Low Vis Fps.

My friend has some more shots of these two babes. i'll post them here when he's done and see which one u guys like, i'll get him to give us a hi-res for wall paper!

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hey dyno, can i ask where did you get the display case and how much did you pay for it?  i really like it and i want my display case big and tall. kyasu


They are from Ikea. These are the Ingo cabinets. I think they run about 90$ each....should be listed on there webpage.

What I did was..........I took two cabinets, added a center strip, screw them together and added some base around the bottom to hide the peg legs.


Very nice cabinets and at a relatively good price! THanks for sharing! :)

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i just got mine and everything including the FP kit was perfect straight out the box.

i must give a shout out to yamato, regardless of little paint blemishes here and there, they really went all out on the paint job.

BTW, anyone notice the new metallic color feet? its just like the 1/60s...me likey!

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Yes I do, and honestly I like mine without the fast pack, it looks much more elegant to me, I did not :p put the UN spacy insignia on the side of the cabin and its looks very nice and stealthty!!!! :p:D

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If anyone is just interested in the Stealth Valkyrie without the armor, Shoot me a PM.


Neova was trying to offer this service, but there were no takers. I thought I may try again.

I am interested in the FP, related stickers and missiles.

I will send you the Valk in it's box.

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Wow! Really nice VF Stealth, Takatoys!!

Could you make those decals in a color that would blend with the valk? Except for the nose art. I like that hi-viz face. Looks killer.

BTW - Those TV Hands look like the valk is into some sort of vynil fetish. Very black. Very slick. :lol:

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Fierce! nice job takatoys!

Just a question takatoys, did you replace the skull emblems on the tails fins with that of the blueroses? If yes, could we have some pics of it. Tks



That is the only thing I complain about this toy, why the skull mark on the tailfins?

A quick way of getting rid of it is to fill the skull emblem with a sharpie permanent marker and on the gray part fill it with a pencil (paint will be better of course). When you apply the sticker, the skull is no longer visible.

According to this graphic, the blue-red roses valk emblem on the tail fins should be like this:



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Those look great on the Stealth. Yea it does make quite the difference. My Super VF-1J Stealth just got here on Tuesday..and I am just amazed at how cool it is. Yamato really did an great job with the black and different greys on it. It is definetly one of my favorites.

I put up an gallery on the Transformers site, and they got an nice kick out of it. 2 of them are already planning on getting it because they saw what it looked like.

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