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  1. So no more "100" on the starboard tail fin?
  2. Pretty much all of them from my experience. My Red Singapore one is worse than my MIJ Blue and Green ones. Once locked into fighter mode, with that shoulder array flap clicked into place, the difference seems less noticeable.
  3. I haven't had much luck sourcing replacement parts, other than the occasional part out on ebay. I've also had no luck finding replacement stickers. I've had to replace the metal linkage on a head and replace an entire hip ratchet assembly, but was able to repair the black shoulder hinge using pin nails and epoxy. Maybe a small screw could be used to replace the peg on your busted arm.
  4. What specifically are you looking to do?
  5. Ah, gotcha. I can't tell for sure, but I think the null ray armatures actually collapse to become part of the biceps.
  6. Looks like there's a mushroom peg joint on the armature, so maybe you can just pop the whole dang belly plate off. The fake canopy would be showing, however. Frustrating thing is that without that fake canopy, maybe they could have been able to store the arms completely instead of them sticking out the sides of the jet. Not sure why MP-52's thighs are so skinny - I don't see any "MP-moment" leg transformations like we saw with MP-36 Megs (how they got the legs to flare out from the gun handle halves). MP-52's legs are just sitting there under the plane with giant gaps between them and around the thighs. So the only reason I can think of for the skinny thighs is solely for articulation. Lots of missed opportunities to make this an amazing seeker mold.
  7. Is this the one yougot? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Transformers-Robot-Formers-MP-11-Amplified-Model-F11-C-Thundercracker-Toy-12-H/193211589360?hash=item2cfc4ee2f0:g:d7YAAOSwm2pd0ArI I was curious if the knees and feet look like the pics in the auction, which more or less match the MP-11 mold. The Robot Hero version has closed of knee joints and minor changes to the feet. Maybe these are recolors of the Tanaka OS MP-11, which is a direct OS of MP-11 and slightly smaller than the Robot Hero.
  8. Oh, I'm just whetting their appetite for your awesome weathered customs . Some battle damage from his aerial skirmish with Milia would also be epic. And sorry, forgot to give you props on the decals as well.
  9. Thanks! There is no creativity needed to paint red parts blue, just tons of masking and a steady hand. We have such talented forum members who can really bring these toys to life with weathering and backdrops/dioramas.
  10. That didn't even cross my mind, but you are right. Definitely needs white landing gear.
  11. VF-1S Max nearing completion! Corrected tailfin modex number, jolly roger skull, and pilot name decals courtesy of Anasazi37 ...and Max Taii at his greatest:
  12. Friggin vgy.me... I attached the photo, hopefully shows up now.
  13. I just went ahead and tried the Tamiya Brilliant Blue (actually the PS-30 instead of the TS-44), as I was looking for something a bit brighter than the blue Yamato has been using. Anyhoo, here is the best shot I could get to represent the color. No turning back now!:
  14. So for those who've made or plan to make a custom Max VF-1S, what blue are you using? I'm looking at Tamiya brilliant blue. I don't plan on trying to match the SSP emblem blue, as it looks too dark.
  15. It was originally toy blue, but in the MP-07 deco. Skywarp was orignally MP-06 colors, and Starscream was Walmart MP-03 weathered colors with black tabs. Here are more jet mode shot (still need to remove USAF tampos):
  16. That pic reminds me of how I decked out my model planes as a kid. Just a ridiculous amount of munitions for that unrealistic Doug Masters/Iron Eagle scenario. Kind of unrealistic give the drag penalties of the Rhino's towed out pylons, but might work as a missile truck far behind F-35s painting the targets. I do like the look of those CFTs. Certainly better than that ever-present centerline tank, but I wonder what the transonic drag penalties really are relative to the rest of the air frame, especially without the engine upgrades.
  17. Nice. I think you captured the feel better! And you are literally a few joint clicks away from the 1/55 Strike Valkyrie box art Oh, and I give Justice a pass because it was my first Metallica tape. Being a bass player now however, it's hard not to ignore how they neutered Jason's lines.
  18. No, your decals were top notch. I didn't let the future base coat dry long enough and it must have interacted with the Micro Set. Thanks for the tampo removal tip!
  19. Yes, they are nice quality! I f-ed up the tailfin 001 a bit, so may need to touch up or redo. I have not tried the nose 001s yet, need to figure the best way to remove the crooked tampos.
  20. Pretty much as easy to remove as the Yamato 1/48 heatshield. I sanded everything lightly, painted gloss black, added Anaszi37's decal, sealed with Future, and then a light coat of Mr. Hobby flat.
  21. Nice! The glossy look is even more chunky-esque. Is that heatshield from a Yamato?
  22. I'm still waiting for the Jolly Roger decal to dry and then dullcoat (thanks Anasazi37 !), but I don't recall seeing any pics of Hikaru's 1S with black heatshield/fastpack symbols. I know red is supposed to be official, but something about that black heatshield brings back those same feelings I had when I first laid eyes on the 1/55 strike valkyrie box art as a kid.
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