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  1. Darn it! But hey, I’m in the east bay, if you need help with some grunt work, shoot me a PM.
  2. Wondering where all the soundwaves are? http://www.ebay.com/itm/251315320798
  3. is that a magazine for gunpod as well as the removable stock?
  4. ... they're toys. If buying a toy is going to hurt your "financial plan", maybe you shouldn't be buying them.
  5. where up here? Would love to do a pilgrimage to see your work.
  6. I have an order with NY for the 25f reissue that I'm planning on canceling, does anyone here still want one?
  7. are we sure it transforms? Maybe it's just the old yf-19 mold. I think it's a model.
  8. for people waiting on NY, just spoke with one of their reps over the phone. He said they didn't get/unpack their shipment till monday so they're behind on processing orders but they did get them.
  9. cool, the story needs more subtlety and nuance than Lindelof seems capable of delivering.
  10. so, any plans to redo the foot all together to added the suspension gimmick?
  11. Awesome work. Those intakes are glorious. Have you thought about using EL tape for the feet/thrusters?
  12. can you take a picture of what you're talking about? Are you talking about a scratch in the paint? A scratch in the plastic? swirlies?
  13. The bits about fear from the trailer are adapted pretty blatantly from dianetics. More than a few critics have picked up on the scientology message of the movie. And no one is talking about scientology. It's a movie that uses scientology tenants as main themes of the movie. Just like if we were talking about a moses movie than discussing how the torah is incorporated into the movie would be at play.
  14. you would think the scientologists would have figured out by now that people aren't going to go see movies based off of their mythology.
  15. I really disagree with labeling the jpop songs in MF as "generic". I don't know how how much jpop the OP listens to but even as far as other anime music goes, the songs are pretty complex and have far more vocal range than most of what's out there, especially sheryl/may'n's tracks
  16. LOL. Other demographics that the XBOX and other consoles won't work for: people driving cars people flying in planes people jumping out of planes people with one hand blind people people who don't like games people riding horses people in the middle of a class people sleeping people jogging the amish people without HD televisions people scuba diving people doing research on a volcano You're right, until microsoft can address the needs of all those demographics, they're denying people their constitutional right to play halo! SCREW YOU MICROSOFT!
  17. you do realize that internet is available in most if not all US military bases, right?
  18. mandatory kinect 2.0? No problem, my kid and I enjoy playing kinect games mandatory online access? No problem. metro tiles? You mean like the 360 has right now and was the first MS product to implement? second screen support: yeah, vita is more appealing, I don't care either way. games: The era of exclusives is fast coming to a close but I care about halo more than killzone and game franchises that I care about (mass effect and dragon age) were played on the 360.
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