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  1. Darn it! But hey, I’m in the east bay, if you need help with some grunt work, shoot me a PM.
  2. lolicon, good communication and prompt shipping
  3. thumbs up for bruinsinla, great communication, fast shipping, good packaging.
  4. yf-29 anniversary 200 yf-29 ozma 200 vf-171 ex 100$ vf-171 ex 100$ vf-171 ex fast pack 50$ vf-171 cf 100$, broken, see picture vf-25a 100$ rvf-25 100$ missing manual rvf-25 fast pack 100$ vf-27 v1: 55$ vf-27 green v1: 65$ prices do not include shipping, shipping 25$ USA. Buyer pays fees. I'm in the bay area, CA if any local buyers want to do a local pick up.
  5. 1/60 v2. Displayed, complete with unused sticker sheet. 200$ plus shipping. USA only. Buy pays paypal fee. **sold**
  6. 1 defender and 1 tomahawk, tan. Displayed but complete, sticker sheet unused. 150$ shipped, each. **sold**
  7. all books 25$ each plus shipping, USA only, no international Macross related: vf-1 valkyrie part 1 vf-1 valkyrie part 2 vf-1 valkyrie sdf-1 macross vf-1 squadrons vf-0 phoenix vf-19 excalibur vf-25 messiah tenjin valkyries second sortie Macross Design Works Macross F Illustrations Macross F Ground Works Other anime: groundwork of evangelion vol. 1 groundwork of evangelion the movie 1 The analysis of Ghost in the Shell (oshii movie) The Art of Spirited Away Princess Mononoke (english) oga kazu animation artworks Intron Depot 2 Blades (Masamune Shirow)
  8. Toynami ver scott cyclone, displayed but complete with instructions, unused sticker sheet and white shipping box. red suit has some tearing due to age. 350$ shipped within USA. Sorry, no international shipping.
  9. another +1 for TKing22, good communication, fast shipping, fair price.
  10. Wondering where all the soundwaves are? http://www.ebay.com/itm/251315320798
  11. is that a magazine for gunpod as well as the removable stock?
  12. ... they're toys. If buying a toy is going to hurt your "financial plan", maybe you shouldn't be buying them.
  13. where up here? Would love to do a pilgrimage to see your work.
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