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  1. i still play this game a lot. is this really happening? i'd be super hyped if it was.
  2. i don't know about making a v.2 but i feel they should at least finish the rest of the 1/48 line. 1D, CE, VT people bought both the 1/60 v.1&2 versions without question, so why wouldn't they buy the 1/48 scale one?
  3. nothing much, just had to step away from here for a bit. hanging here is like putting a drink in an alcoholics hands, its just not a good idea. anyway, i just saw both you and agent one had posted here so i stopped by to say whats up is all.
  4. this is pretty cool but i'm still waiting to win megamillions. when i win that i'll get this, along with all the other macross goodies i've been missing out on in the last couple of years.
  5. i guess this is the members who disappeared of the face of the earth thread, howdy y'all! hope life has been treating you all well.
  6. i haven't been by in a while, holy cow!
  7. well this isn't looking good. i found some mystery cash in my pockets the other day and was finally going to pick one up but now i don't know? oh well i guess its a sign of sorts.
  8. it was a joke made to the general public, i didn't call anyone out so who was i offending? the people who bought it? the majority of people here aren't that sensitive in my opinion. i still have a genuine interest in macross, thats why i'm still here. just because i don't collect the toys and don't post much these days doesn't make me any less of a fan. i post on a rare occasion because somehow i always manage to piss someone off, so i just stay lurking and catch up on news and check out people pics. i come here at least once a week to see whats up. you always think the worst and read way too much into the things post. sometimes my posts are just silly opinions that enter my brain at that given moment, thats kind of how a messageboard works. anyway, i'll try to be more PC or whatever you want to call it for our more sensitive lifetime channel oprah viewing members. thats also a joke, not to be mistaken for trolling.
  9. who's trolling? i thought i was making a funny comment, you know like a joke. if you post something you think is going to be funny and some people don't think its funny, how is that trolling? if you can't see the humor in it, you point out how the joke was an epic fail and you move on with your life. are my views, opinions, and unappreciated sense of humor on this board that big of a deal? honestly, some of you dudes hold grudges for way too long. its like you're one of my ex-girlfriends. thats also a joke, not to be mistaken for trolling.
  10. i can't believe that there were that many stupid people that shelled out $2000+ for this, ha! for $2000, you'd think those people would hired a prostitute and finally lose their virginity. i guess that premiere porn account is more than enough for them.
  11. they come here to ask the US fans(which they say they don't care about) for suggestions then they make it an exclusive japanese release...what a bunch of cocks. its just more proof of yamatos douchebaggery. please show yamato that you fully support their consistent subpar releases by purchasing their overpriced QC ridden toys. its a fact that when people keep buying a shitty product, that company will surely produce a better one! for reals guys, because everyone knows that douchebags who continuously screw you over will stop....you know, because they'll eventually get tired of it.
  12. this thread should be renamed "how yamato can use our ideas and not pay us for them". do you how many ideas that we've come up with that they cashed in on? don't get me wrong, i know this is so we get a better toy but why should the designers at yamato even get a paycheck when its clear that they've been coming here to poach our ideas and pass them off as their own? they incorporate our suggestions into their toys, then they tell us to grab our ankles and butt rape us into submission. doesn't anyone else see something wrong with this? the saddest part about this thread is that its not even for something new. its so they can cash in on a add-on/repaint/re-release on the same old toy. its seems that their design department has about as much creativity as my left nut, its pathetic.
  13. i can't believe this made it to the 2nd page. graphs, charts and long winded replies? whats this place turned into? beyond nostalgic reasons, all things transformers suck ass. end of thread.
  14. i'm drunk as hell and for whatever reason i came on here to see this. yamato finally has some competition and when theres competition, the prices come down, woohoo! i think i might be able to get back into this hobby after all and finally, i'll have a choice for a change. i like my yammies but quite honestly, i just put up with their toys because they were the only game in town. well the game is over my friends, theres a new sheriff in town, and his name is bandai!
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