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  1. looking for a 1/60 scale SV-51 ivanov box and with all the plastic inserts. looking to buy or trade(i have a crispy conditioned 1/48 1S roy box as well as a 1/48 VF-1J hikaru box). pm me if you got a nice conditioned one you want to part with. also looking for this piece from the 1/60 YF-21 mine came with 2 of the same clips for some reason also willing to buy or trade, thanks!
  2. sorry to hear that, i hope everything works out my man. be well.
  3. sent you a PM about 1/48 1s roy 1/48 angel birds toynami shadow alpha
  4. i still play this game a lot. is this really happening? i'd be super hyped if it was.
  5. one more bump before heading off to ebay.
  6. lowered my asking prices on this stuff. someone help me make my rent, haha!
  7. yes, i'm shameless! http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=34608
  8. i don't know about making a v.2 but i feel they should at least finish the rest of the 1/48 line. 1D, CE, VT people bought both the 1/60 v.1&2 versions without question, so why wouldn't they buy the 1/48 scale one?
  9. nothing much, just had to step away from here for a bit. hanging here is like putting a drink in an alcoholics hands, its just not a good idea. anyway, i just saw both you and agent one had posted here so i stopped by to say whats up is all.
  10. this is pretty cool but i'm still waiting to win megamillions. when i win that i'll get this, along with all the other macross goodies i've been missing out on in the last couple of years.
  11. i guess this is the members who disappeared of the face of the earth thread, howdy y'all! hope life has been treating you all well.
  12. all items are 100% complete with unused sticker sheets and all associated paperwork. all items are excellent displayed condition. all items were purchased new by me unless otherwise noted(just the yf-19). no super loose limbs, no broken parts, no crazy scratches or anything like that. i'm an adult collecter and take great pride in the care of my collectibles. i don't smoke and i don't have pets. all prices include shipping, tracking and insurance from NYC to the 48 states. if your are outside the US, i will charge more for shipping than i need to and simply refund the difference after its been shipped. trust me, its just easier that way. i'm on the straight shooters list here, my ebay handle(knutsimouth), and i've had 100's of positive transactions both here on MW as well as on ebay. i will post pics by request. i would hope by now, all of you know what this stuff looks like, ha! yamato 1/48 angel birds - $95 shipped(complete, no box) yamato 1/48 woodland camo - $105 shipped(complete, no box) yamato 1/48 GBP armor(original blue) - $95 shipped(complete, no box) yamato 1/72 VF-11B w/FPs - $60 shipped(complete, no box) yamato 1/72 YF-21 w/FPs - $60 shipped(complete, no box) yamato 1/72 YF-19 - $75 shipped(complete, no box) i'm the 2nd owner of this toy, there are some paint chips on the outer calves due to yamatos poor packaging on this figure. take all 3 for $180 shipped yamato 1/60 v.1 VT super 0 - $85 shipped(complete, no box) yamato 1/60 v.1 VE elint - $85 shipped(complete, no box) take them both for $160 shipped yamato 1/60 q-rau millia(with millia figure) - $65 shipped(complete no box) yamato 1/60 q-rau max(with max figure) - $65 shipped(complete, no box) take them both for $120 shipped megahouse 1/15 vr-052F(stick) -$60 shipped(complete with box) megahouse 1/15 vr-052T(ray) - $60 shipped(complete with box) take them both for $110 shipped - SOLD AND SHIPPED if my asking prices are outrageous(mind you they all include the price of shipping, tracking and insurance), just hit me via PM and let me know. i've been out of the macross game for a minute so you'll have to excuse me if you think i'm out of my mind. paypal payments are fine as long as your payment is sent as a "gift", otherwise please add 4% to your total. please feel free to ask any questions that i have not answered and thanks for looking.
  13. i haven't been by in a while, holy cow!
  14. well this isn't looking good. i found some mystery cash in my pockets the other day and was finally going to pick one up but now i don't know? oh well i guess its a sign of sorts.
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