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  1. i hope bandai will also release a set without the 1J
  2. thanks for the reference
  3. well i did try to "make it fit" like a yamato or hmr, but it doesn't quite "fit". so i wonder if it requires any modification.
  4. how do you attach it onto the wing?
  5. Just a thought here... We all know for sure that bandai will release the DX Roy DYRL Version some day. (based on the black skull emblem included in the SSP set) For some of you who bought more than 1 DX TV Roy recently, will you consider getting another DX Movie Roy? There may be some differences here and there on the tampo print and I'm not surprise that they will do something to the head sculpt. But will you pay full price or go through another po madness for these differences, assuming if you already have more than 1 tv Roy? One to display as tv ver and another in movie ver, regardle
  6. how many TV SUPER parts set did you all buy so far?
  7. Roy has landed from AmaJP
  8. That's the thing about bandai. They get sloppy when they know that collectors are happy with their initial release in the series.
  9. is this a reasonable price? https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1127781992&ref=list&keyword=dx vf-1 missile
  10. i have a question: how does Mandarake calculate shipping? i don't see any shipping charges in my cart. do they inform you after they have received your order? how does it work?
  11. i really enjoy questioning and interrogating the online customers service now even though i know there is nothing much they can do with my SSP set and i don't care if they are pissed off by my questions.
  12. i'm still at this stage at AmJP...the agony
  13. a little relief here, preparing for shipment even though there is no date yet...
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