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  1. for the general audience 😅
  2. Yes I manage to unplug it. The is tight but it can be done....slowly 😇 Now let's take Mirage's temperature 🤣
  3. its really tight, i might break something....
  4. I really don't like this thing cos it looks like Mirage is flying a thermometer on the back. How do I remove it? errrrrr......
  5. Finally..... what a long wait.
  6. Does this mean they are printing two different names on the cockpit window frame on this 1S 2.0?
  7. I haven't heard from Okiniland yet, guess I don't have to wait for their reply since I have fixed the problem.
  8. Alright guys, here'a an update. I removed that little peg with my trusty little saw and it all went well. All four pieces of the leg armor snapped together nice and tight as if there wasn't any flaws. So, to those who have yet to receive their set and IF (just IF, ok) you happen to have two left or even right back leg armor, don't worry, cut that crap off, assemble and TADA!
  9. I will try that and hope the bottom tap will hold will hold the pieces together.
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