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  1. That is great news that Adam West finished the voice work for the second Return of the Cape Crusaders. I was worried that we would be limited to the one DVD and cant forget the old cartoons, The New Adventures of Batman and Robin and The Galactic Guardians for the other animated West Batman.
  2. I still love my 1/72 Yamato YF-19 v.1 so guess I'm happy with all things 19 but kind of need the Yamato v.2 intakes on the new Arcadia. Also the Arcadia has a negative dihedral like the Yamato v.1, which is correct?
  3. Trash the Bandai, what happened to the battroid only build?
  4. You're not wrong. The Thrustmaster Hotas X elevated the last game from bla to meah! The macross skins weren't enought since they were for Japan only. But, If could use my Cougar or I'd even buy the new Warthog if I could fly the game and the controllers were supported.
  5. I like to build models for the calming effect at the end of the day but this looks too much like work.
  6. Nice 3D jigsaw puzzle. This makes the initial inventory and inspection fun and how attentive are the workers at removing nubs and mold seams?
  7. Home made wrist repulsor for select markets! Is that going to work out like the Marvel Select Iron Patriot being a Disney Store Exclusive?
  8. This is dumber now than when Marvel had Lando Calrissian dressed as Harlock and called Drebble.
  9. So does that mean we will get an unedited true translation under a Starblazer label or a North Americanized hack job?
  10. Yes, still doesn't change that he was born a Mohawk and grew up on the Six Nation's reservation.
  11. Depp claims to be of Indian decent but the Cherokee Nation does not recognize him as a member and there is no evidence to support his claim. Yes, Depp was adopted by the Comanche Nation in May last year but it is a stretch to claim membership in the Nation without the birth right. Yeah, it is sad that Jay Silverheels wanted to do more with his role but he did the best he could. At least, he showed that not everyone was at war with the white man.
  12. Yes, the original TV series may have been ‘silly’ but they had a real Indian for Tonto. The Tonto character’s lines were not as literate as the actor but I’ll have the campy old fashioned TV series as it was better than this new garbage of a film.
  13. Yeah, It is worth a good laugh and that's why I brought it up. And you're right if the DVD was out and it was an honest opinion, I wouldn't dirt on it.
  14. So you else thinks the 5 star rating on Amazon came from Harmony Gold? The biggest ban boy in the world can't give a review on an unreleased DVD.
  15. "Flashbacks" so are they going to try to tie in their rewritten version of Megazone 23? Don't watch the Tommy-view before or too close to after eating. Robo-yuck.
  16. Thanks, I knew it was a follow on book. Completely, forgot about the fan art book. Talk about repressing bad memorizes.
  17. If you want the Sentinels find a copy of Robotech Art 2 or the Harmony Gold VHS tape that has what little footage that was made. Yet, I agree with Gubaba the better plan is to watch Macross Plus Movie Edition.
  18. Sorry guys but I have you beat. I was asked to provide an executive summery of a one page document.
  19. So where are the matching fast packs?
  20. We think Spock Prime is from our universe but he is actually Evil Spock from the Mirror Mirror universe. By traveliing back in time and cross dimensions to distroy Vulcan and see that Kirk is not Captain when he should be, Evil Spock will save the Empire because Kirk will not be in place to crossover and the our Federation will have a more military slant like the evil-verse. Evil Spock is just hanging around to see that his plan doesn't fail and have his true nature uncovered in JJ-Trek 3.
  21. Yes, the time police should fix everything unless the event is not large enough to damage their future. Same with Q, he wouldn't allow time to be altered enough to remove his favorite plaything Picard. TNG can remain...but...,as of now, every episode, with a TWOK jacket needs to be removed...unless that uniform appears in the JJverse. Relics has to go or be edited because of the TOS bridge and Scotty's uniform but yes the events could still happen to Scotty. The Enterprise B and C are out because of the already improved technology.... By the time C saves the Klingon's, they should be a match for the Romulans, just by looking at the USS Vengence, and win the fight. But, Yes, I think there is little impact on TNG since it is far removed from the time disturbance, rather like a stone tossed in a pond... the ripples are smaller the farther from the impact and with a bit of Doctor Who thought that time is self correcting. Or like Data says, they all exist.
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