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  1. Great pics. Valk-Exchange was probably the first or second online store I bought Macross items from years ago. Thank you.
  2. I can't wait for this and I too, hope they release the ghost packs with this ...
  3. They look awesome. But I'll settle for my Matchbox versions ... unless I win the lottery!
  4. I wish I could afford this ... I enjoy the fighter vicariously through the collection pics posted. LOL
  5. Thanks for confirming. Guess I will wait for pre-orders to be listed ... I wish I could find a renewal Ozma for a decent price .... *sigh*
  6. Does anyone know if Bandai will be releasing a v2 of the Luca "green" VF-25 fighter? And his fast packs and radar dish? Sorry in advance if it's already been mentioned in this thread ... I didn't go through all 39 pages. Too lazy, LOL.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion MacrossJunkie ... although I am not really that good at customizing/modifications. I was hoping for a more subtle solution.
  8. I haven't posted on this site in ages ... got sucked back into Macross the last few months by buying the Frontier VF-25 Michal re-issue and the v2 1/60 Elintseeker. The latter arrived in the mail last week. Played around with it tonight and I am having some difficulty detaching the arm fast packs. I worry about breaking off the clips. Any tips? Thanks in advance,
  9. FYI: Transformers are on sale at HTS.com. Also use the coupon code: FREESHIP20 for 20% off and free shipping
  10. Change of topic direction: pics of RoTF Arcee - Chromia - Elita1 combiner: http://tformers.com/transformers-possible-...13184/news.html Pretty fugly ...
  11. I found HA Barricade this weekend ... it's a nice toy. On the hunt for HA Mudflap now ...
  12. Wow. I am more than mildly interested now ...
  13. Agreed. I liked 1 and 3 the best, 2 was ok, but 4 was a mess ... I could barely sit through the movie.
  14. Another possible movie in the IJ franchise: Harrison Ford Says an Agreement Is in Place for 'Indiana Jones 5' http://insidemovies.moviefone.com/2010/03/...nside-Movies) I wasn't impressed with Indy 4, but here we may go again ...
  15. Finally found TRU exclusive Animated Arcee today!!! She is AWESOME!!! :lol: @Tober: picked up one for you as well dude - send me a PM if you still want it.
  16. Ditto all of the above. Made in the late 60s it was truly visionary IMO. The FX still holds up today, and the plot let the audience interpret the ending themselves. An amazing film.
  17. Found RoTF Scout class Breakdown at Target today. Still no sign of TF Animated Arcee.
  18. It's the opposite for me. Found Legends Devastator, but no luck with Animated Arcee. FAWK.
  19. Apparently HA Barricade has been sighted and bought in San Jose, CA ... so he should be hitting local retail very soon!!
  20. Picked up a "reproduction" G1 Shockwave at Frank & Sons today ... what a nice piece.
  21. All of you are waaaaayyyy off!!! This is an original Anime yet-to-be-recognized classic. Looks to be DA BOMB!!!!
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