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  1. Great pics. Valk-Exchange was probably the first or second online store I bought Macross items from years ago. Thank you.
  2. I can't wait for this and I too, hope they release the ghost packs with this ...
  3. They look awesome. But I'll settle for my Matchbox versions ... unless I win the lottery!
  4. I wish I could afford this ... I enjoy the fighter vicariously through the collection pics posted. LOL
  5. Thanks for confirming. Guess I will wait for pre-orders to be listed ... I wish I could find a renewal Ozma for a decent price .... *sigh*
  6. Does anyone know if Bandai will be releasing a v2 of the Luca "green" VF-25 fighter? And his fast packs and radar dish? Sorry in advance if it's already been mentioned in this thread ... I didn't go through all 39 pages. Too lazy, LOL.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion MacrossJunkie ... although I am not really that good at customizing/modifications. I was hoping for a more subtle solution.
  8. I haven't posted on this site in ages ... got sucked back into Macross the last few months by buying the Frontier VF-25 Michal re-issue and the v2 1/60 Elintseeker. The latter arrived in the mail last week. Played around with it tonight and I am having some difficulty detaching the arm fast packs. I worry about breaking off the clips. Any tips? Thanks in advance,
  9. FYI: Transformers are on sale at HTS.com. Also use the coupon code: FREESHIP20 for 20% off and free shipping
  10. Change of topic direction: pics of RoTF Arcee - Chromia - Elita1 combiner: http://tformers.com/transformers-possible-...13184/news.html Pretty fugly ...
  11. I found HA Barricade this weekend ... it's a nice toy. On the hunt for HA Mudflap now ...
  12. Wow. I am more than mildly interested now ...
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