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  1. Yer welcome! Glad I could help. And I agree with 505thAirborne, Hasegawa made them very very well.
  2. Wow...and I thought here we're having an intelligent discussion. It seems to me rather than focusing on the topic, you decided to make personal attacks on me just because you failed to understand what I was trying to explain. You do realize by attacking me makes you a bully, right? Condenscending? If attacking my intelligence makes you feel better then feel free. Don't mince words. If you want to call me an idiot just because I state the obvious, do it like a man. All I can say is that you are the one acting in an elitist manner just because you know Japanese, not me. It seems to me you don't welcome debates or dissenting opinion in this thread. You seem to have THE final say in regards to the canonical status of the book. Therefore I shall not contribute anything further to this thread. Enjoy.
  3. It's simple actually. A lot of anime made in the 80s don't have too much of an established source bible. Any new or additional info written and published by any number of writers may contradict each other because a) they may not have the same access to the source, b) there was no central authority to tell them what is correct or incorrect, or c) revisions were made based on newly revealed sources by the creator much later. Unlike other established fictional worlds like Lord of the Rings and Dune, Macross suffers from lack of a detailed background. What we know of the universe created by SK and gang are from later publications and I see the case of the contradicting info as a lack of foresight when authorizing the books. But again, you already know all this.
  4. Suit yourself. *Shrugs* Over the years anime info/technical/guide books etc. published will often introduce new materials to retcon stuff to cater to a new generation of fans or meet the changing fan demographic. The case of the horde of Gundam books will attest to that. It is after all a fictional technical book for fans who enjoys nit-picking over the shape of the VF-1s nosecones or whether or not it has the correct amount of bolts and nuts during assembly. It's a rivet-counter's wet dream come true. Canon or not, it's up to the individual until the Supreme Macross Deity decides to issue a final judgment. Then again, I know some of you fans will cry out and complain anyway.
  5. It's called retconning. You should know by now no fictional world created by man ever escape this fate. I'm accepting this book's info as canon because SK approved it. That is until a newer publication supersedes it.
  6. Good. Now I can replace the instrumental version of MacII's OP with the vocal version.
  7. I agree with what you just said, sketch. Turn A was one of the most memorable animes I've seen in a long time partly because it didn't feel like it was a Gundam anime at all. The music written for it was gorgeous. It had this sweeping feel of nostalgic and epic at the same time. It's good stuff. About the mecha designs for Turn A (Mods: I know this is off-topic but I'll keep it short here before someone whines/bitches) they are perhaps the most refreshing and unique design in a long while. It polarizes the fans because it was a total departure from what most anime mechas are usually expected to look like. I'm a fan of Syd Mead's works so his design is my cup of tea and that includes Mr. Moustache himself, the Turn A.
  8. The damn thing will be on ebay and Yahoo Japan auctions very soon.
  9. The main gripe people have about Turn A is the titular Gundam and its prominent moustache. You can thank Syd Mead for that. The anime itself is pretty good if you look past the aesthetic of the Mobile Suit designs. Go watch it if you get a chance and judge it yourself. As for the music, it's one of the better ones out there and it certainly is of better quality compared to some of the contemporary anime soundtracks.
  10. Wolf's Rain has some of the most beautiful but haunting music ever. If you like something moody, Wolf's Rain OST is the way to go. Then there is Jin-Roh which is also one of my long time favorites.
  11. QFT You will never always get what you want in the news anyway. So why worry about it? *Shrugs* I trust the mods to do the right thing when deleting inappropriate posts and pruning the threads because it's their duty after all. Whether or not members will properly label every single news they come across is up to the individual posting because not everyone will follow rules. You can't expect everyone to toe the line hence why you have moderators and rules for posting. Just my two cents.
  12. Alto's Armored Messiah from the final episode is being featured as well. Notice he is dual-wielding with Michel's sniper rifle in his right. Badass I say.
  13. I'll join in if you don't mind. I bet 5 corndogs!
  14. Looks better and better! I thank you on behalf of the fans!
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