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  1. I haven't heard from Okiniland yet, guess I don't have to wait for their reply since I have fixed the problem.
  2. Alright guys, here'a an update. I removed that little peg with my trusty little saw and it all went well. All four pieces of the leg armor snapped together nice and tight as if there wasn't any flaws. So, to those who have yet to receive their set and IF (just IF, ok) you happen to have two left or even right back leg armor, don't worry, cut that crap off, assemble and TADA!
  3. I will try that and hope the bottom tap will hold will hold the pieces together.
  4. well, what a lousy day to receive something so awesome that turned out to be a let down. I have sent a ticket to okiniland and if a replacement is not possible, I will have to operate on it. very tempted to order another one and if the same thing happens again, that will be case no.2
  5. if anyone receives two same part, pls msg me. we can exchange.
  6. All the connectors are fine, except for this particular peg that needs to be connected to the back of the leg.
  7. receive mine today from okiniland BUT, i have TWO LEFT LEG ARMORS!
  8. I just realised that I chose ePacket shipping at Okini without knowing what ePacket is. And there hasn't been any updates since 25th. Anyone chose ePacket? Am I in for a long wait?
  9. I just received tracking from okini, but i think the item has not left the warehouse yet.
  10. I still haven't heard from Okini and I dropped them a ticket. First time buying from them and I hope this will not turn to be another NY situation as I have enough of raising ticket after ticket.
  11. anyone has any notification from Okiniland?
  12. sharing my DXs
  13. please share some reliable websites to order this
  14. i hope bandai will also release a set without the 1J
  15. thanks for the reference
  16. well i did try to "make it fit" like a yamato or hmr, but it doesn't quite "fit". so i wonder if it requires any modification.
  17. how do you attach it onto the wing?
  18. Just a thought here... We all know for sure that bandai will release the DX Roy DYRL Version some day. (based on the black skull emblem included in the SSP set) For some of you who bought more than 1 DX TV Roy recently, will you consider getting another DX Movie Roy? There may be some differences here and there on the tampo print and I'm not surprise that they will do something to the head sculpt. But will you pay full price or go through another po madness for these differences, assuming if you already have more than 1 tv Roy? One to display as tv ver and another in movie ver, regardless canon or not.
  19. how many TV SUPER parts set did you all buy so far?
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