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  1. dx ssp set (2 sets) it was normal mail, then upgraded to EMS, then i receive "preparation" email, then fail to deliver, then now this...
  2. It's been a few days and I have decided to send another ticket to these bunch of whatever-you-want-to-call-them. And this is the reply: Hello Delivery center said we do not have the product for this moment we cannot ship your order Please don't hesitate to send another message if you need anything else. Kind Regards Nippon-yasan.com Customer Service DO NOT HAVE THE PRODUCT?! Are they f*cking serious??
  3. latest stun by npy Thank you for your message We did not receive all our stock after the release of the product . We still continue to receive it but it's a little by little. Also we send first all pre orders with quantity of one. We will ship your order but it will takes times , perhaps around the next month We apologies for this inconvenience
  4. I'm going to pester them every few days until they pee in their pants and stop giving templated replies!
  5. Thanks for the tip and I received an immediate reply with the title "Change shipping method" And so this is their reply: Delivery center said we will receive our stock little by little. Unfortunately due to this fact, they decided to ship first orders by UPS (faster shipping method ) , come after orders with only 1 products from fastest to slowest sending method, and afters other orders with quantity 2 and 3 .... For this moment i cannot tell you when your order will be ship. Probably during this month, but when exactly, I do not know yet.
  6. are the people in NPY sleeping on their job? sent 4 tickets about SSP delivery and not a reply from them at all
  7. without fast pack - Roy Focker SPECIAL with fast pack - Roy Focker CUSTOM how many unique titles does Roy need
  8. just curious...what's the maximum price you will pay for a set of DX Strike/Super parts now that these are hard to come by
  9. we all need to wait patiently patiently patiently
  10. perhaps they are trying to make it less obvious to get people into buying. i was happy for a moment until i saw 37k
  11. https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEODAI-76771?s_ssid=e43fc5f126c8e9d25
  12. received replied NY ticket to change and pay EMS shipping method for 2 sets of ssp fingers crossed
  13. sent nyp 2 tickets and haven't heard from them
  14. nyp sold out again
  15. 35000yen
  16. is nin nin reliable?
  17. no luck everywhere is sold out
  18. no luck this time
  19. HLJ - High Low Joy
  20. 404 404 404 404
  21. nyp sold out
  22. if the PO is on the 3rd July, then what's happening on 5th July?
  23. what is taking them so long to release detail announcement...?
  24. Roy was the only pilot who flew while he was still drunk and that made him special
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