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  1. Just a thought here... We all know for sure that bandai will release the DX Roy DYRL Version some day. (based on the black skull emblem included in the SSP set) For some of you who bought more than 1 DX TV Roy recently, will you consider getting another DX Movie Roy? There may be some differences here and there on the tampo print and I'm not surprise that they will do something to the head sculpt. But will you pay full price or go through another po madness for these differences, assuming if you already have more than 1 tv Roy? One to display as tv ver and another in movie ver, regardless canon or not.
  2. how many TV SUPER parts set did you all buy so far?
  3. Roy has landed from AmaJP
  4. That's the thing about bandai. They get sloppy when they know that collectors are happy with their initial release in the series.
  5. is this a reasonable price? https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1127781992&ref=list&keyword=dx vf-1 missile
  6. i have a question: how does Mandarake calculate shipping? i don't see any shipping charges in my cart. do they inform you after they have received your order? how does it work?
  7. i really enjoy questioning and interrogating the online customers service now even though i know there is nothing much they can do with my SSP set and i don't care if they are pissed off by my questions.
  8. i'm still at this stage at AmJP...the agony
  9. a little relief here, preparing for shipment even though there is no date yet...
  10. AmazonJP states that they will email me WHEN they have an estimated delivery date doesn't sound very promising to me
  11. i sent a cancellation to mykombini and i hope they will cancel my order
  12. is it reliable to buy from a "non amazon" seller?
  13. i'm just wondering....if i can cancel my paid order from mykombini...? anyone knows?
  14. the price will only go higher and higher... bite the bullet and swallow one at mykombini
  15. mykombini price is rising....
  16. im hoping that HLJ will open order.....looks like the chance is low
  17. how reliable is mykombini? i have never ordered from them before.
  18. i have been pestering their live chat customer service and giving them a hard time answering my tough questions. they have no shame. bastards!
  19. I have been pestering and giving a hard time to their live chat customer service and they really have no shame at all giving me the same answers over and over and over again. F*ck to you NY seriously Fu*k to you!
  20. It seems like bandai has given up on the HMR line, knowing that their dx line is giving us collectors a hard time. And they enjoy seeing us having PO nightmare. I think that's what they want to do, that is to make our collection look incomplete.
  21. or simply grab them from 1/48 yamato fast pack set
  22. This awesome! Beautiful work! I hope someday someday the 1/55s will be re-reissued again with these new parts that you have done.
  23. I have the exact same situation. Ordered 2 and from "no stock" becomes "we can send only one ssp" Now i'm gonna wait and see if it really shows up at my door in the next week or two. Then i will pester them for the remaining set again and again and again.
  24. i sent 1 ticket yesterday and another one today. no reply. i think they must be ignoring me after seeing my name appearing on their system all the time
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