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  2. You know, I'm not too much into Iron Man or War Machine armors. There are so many. Seems like a new toy goes on sale every day. But this Rescue armor looks good. Reminiscent of Bubblegum Crisis hardsuit.
  3. that gap is horrible
  4. Oh jesus....that display is amazing, that type zero what brand is that???
  5. Were the UNSpacy on the leg packs supposed to be backwards as per hase and yamcardia? I forget... I can vaguely remember the discussion before for the gunpod unspacy orientation but can’t recall if anything was discussed for the leg packs..
  6. Unfortunately I'm at work and found out that the Resuce Armour from Avengers: Engame has been shown on Toyark. All info is there and here are some pics I managed to download. I might be interested in getting a copy.
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  8. It's the backplate cover with the antennas that's been pushed down too much. When level the space will be less.
  9. Still no shipping from Amazon on my VE-1 or SHF Ronin yet.
  10. It definitely could be a bad photoshop job. But I noticed nothing really locks the back plate in place on the DX 1/48, even in fighter mode (it can only go so far, but there is definitely room for it to move). So it may have fell down, and they didn't correct it, and took a picture of it. Or worse, there is something about the super pack that requires it being recessed like that.
  11. I think the only way to do that around here would be to delete his account and not come back. We're all enablers.
  12. @tekeringDid you build the Moscato Inbit yourself? What line are those Patlabors? MG?
  13. Just saw the quick teaser for this, it isn’t hard to imagine , years later that the vineyard would have grown back or that there was even another lot near by. Wine is such a micro climate diverse thing.. And I imagine , as hard a time as he had with his brother, that out of his memory, Picard would carry on the family tradition. It’s blatantly hinted he left Starfleet to be salt of the earth (and nothing else ?)..
  14. Bolt

    Regult is born

    How’s progress on this going?
  15. Bolt

    MΔ - VF-9

    These VF’s have really grown on me , I’m really enjoying the progress being made.
  16. borgified

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Two months to go for Chuck's 31e and then a month later is Arad's Silpheed Amoured parts for his 31s. Is that correct on the dates of the supposed delivery?
  17. Patrick Stewart looks like he's barely aged since the TNG movies, a little makeup to hide the signs of aging should do the trick. (Hell, he looks younger than his Ambassador Picard future self from "All Good Things".) EDIT: Pretty much every Starfleet captain's actor ends up looking better than their far-future elderly self, 'cept maybe Kate Mulgrew (though honestly her current appearance would be a lot more realistic for the kind of stressful life Janeway had). Poor Captain Braxton... as bad as he snaps because of Janeway, I've always secretly suspected he was one of Chakotay's descendants.
  18. Nice 1/48 Yamato collections, @tekering. Are you planning on expanding those with the upcoming DX 1/48's?
  19. Welcome to MacrossWorld, @Keq! Enjoy your stay and make sure to stay away from the enablers.
  20. I just noticed that my edit didn't save.. I was more curious about how you film a flashback series where everyone needs to be 15 years younger, especially the focal character. I don't think there's any way this series is going to have the budget to digitally de-age Stewart for its entire run.
  21. I adore my Actic Gear collection. Still looking for some of the event exclusives. I also adore my CM's vinyl collection Patlabor toys... just missing one of the Tsaiyo variants to complete it. Sadly, I couldn't even tell you which box they're in in storage...
  22. It looks like the Bandai toy has been photoshopped in that scan... there's a big step down at the chest that doesn't exist on the toy.
  23. It looks amazing! Now to decide do I get the Vehicle Voltron or the VF-1S....
  24. Planning on adding this to your museum, JVM? How many if ever? Like my plan on these 1/48 line, I'm sticking with two. Can't wait for Bandai to finish it with Hikaru's VF-1A esp with slight modification to Max's 1A head. It's a done deal.
  25. At least put Jim Carrey in a fat suit and refilm his scenes. Skinny Robotnik, WTF?
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