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4 minutes ago, anubis20 said:

Yup thats why i hate they dont give you an order number at the confirmation screen. I emailed them with a screenshot and said “tough luck”

Thanks for the heads up Anubis. I might do the same. I ordered again. And will email them now to let them know before they block my account. I screenshot every order process so hopefully it will help. ;)

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Just now, ArchieNov said:

I got the confirmation email from HLJ, but when I login to my account, it doesn't show up in my Open Orders


same here. If i recall, it did this last time when I did this late night preorder madness as well.  

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anyone got confirmation already from HLJ? Able to proceed to the end, but no email yet. Was able get MB Strike from NY and got an email. Hopefully NY order sticks, since they sometimes cancel it afterwards.

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